Kristin Cavallari’s Feeling More 'Comfortable' After Putting On 'A Lot Of Weight'

Kristin Cavallari is feeling better than ever in her own skin!

The 35-year-old jewelry designer shared in an interview with Us Weekly on Tuesday that she’s been more confident lately after putting “on a lot of weight in the last few years, but in a good way.” In fact, Kristin explained to the outlet she’s become so comfortable about her body that she does not plan on losing weight and instead is focusing on keeping the muscle mass she’s gained over the last few years:

“My goal is sort of, right now, just to maintain the muscle that I have. I’m not trying to lose weight. I don’t weigh myself. I can tell how my clothes fit me.”

That’s great! People working out a lot — especially young people — can get obsessed with the number on the scale and forget to look at how their body is developing. Muscle is heavy, y’all!

When did she start changing her mindset during her fitness journey? The Very Cavallari alum admitted that she was “shocked at how tine” she used to be while looking back at some pictures from her past, saying:

“I didn’t realize it at the time, how thin I was. So I’m happy that I’ve put on weight.”

Working with a personal trainer over the years, Kristin revealed she started building muscle through her fitness routine that consists of three one-on-one workouts per week:

“I’m really petite. I have no hips. I’m just small. And so if I don’t work out for like a week or two, I feel like all my muscle goes away. So it is about consistency for me.”

Speaking about her trainer, she continued:

“He kicks my ass. He pushes me really hard. He has me actually lifting really heavy weight, the heaviest weight I’ve ever lifted in my entire life. I feel the best I ever have. I feel like I’m the strongest I’ve ever been.”

On the days she doesn’t work with her trainer, the Laguna Beach star still carves out some time to break a sweat by doing a 30 minute session of VersaClimber, which she noted “will also kick your butt, man.” In addition, she sticks to a “healthy lifestyle” that does not include drinking alcohol “that often.”

However, Kristin is not just focused on her fitness journey! She is also made it a priority to maintain a balance between her three kids, 9-year-old Camden, 8-year-old Jaxon, and 6-year-old Saylor, her career, and her personal life:

“I feel like I’m only doing the things that I really love right now and that feels really good. My work-life balance right now is at a perfect place and I’m really thankful for that.”

Ultimately, she is just proud overall of how far she has come lately, saying:

“I’m just really comfortable in my skin right now, which is a really good feeling.”

Good for her! We love to hear that Kristin is feeling stronger and better than ever!

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