Love Island editing blunder sees Tanya ‘disappear’ while Ellie ‘walks backwards’

Love Island suffered two editing mistakes within seconds of each other on Monday 6 February's episode of the hit ITV2 dating programme.

The contestants of the show were spread out around the brand new South African villa following the tense recoupling, which saw Lana choose to be with bombshell Casey instead of Ron.

Ron had been keen for her to couple up with him and was left taken aback when she made a different choice – ensuring the rivalry between the boys grew. It was then announced that the men would be taking part in the day's challenge, which was called Ladiators.

The likes of Shaq, Tom and the other male contestants in the villa were tasked with displaying their skills and impressing the girls they were interested in, all while dressed in Roman-style costumes. They had to pick up polystyrene rocks and carry the girl of their choice to a throne.

But viewers couldn't help but scratch their heads in confusion over several editing blunders during the show.

In one scene, Tanya could be seen sitting with Shaq and Jordan as they listened to Casey read out a text message from producers, explaining what the challenge entailed.

Meanwhile Ellie was seen with Jessie and Will, listening in from a different, nearby location.

The scene then cut to Shaq in the Beach Hut, talking about how keen he was to take part in the challenge. When the TV image returned to where they were all sitting, Tanya was nowhere to be seen. It appeared as though she'd completely disappeared.

And as the shot returned to where the other three contestants were, Ellie appeared to be suddenly sitting down – despite being standing up in the previous scene.

Fans took to Twitter to question what had gone on as one person wrote: "Is it the editing #LoveIsland".

During the challenge, each boy had to place the girl of their choice on a royal throne and finish with a kiss.

Both Casey and Ron opted to choose Lana, with Ron telling his current friendship couple Tanyel Revan: “You’re my princess but I’m here to get my queen.”

Ron later admitted: “I didn’t expect myself to even do what I did, something just came over me and I though f*** it, let’s just cause some beef.”

Following the challenge, Lana shared her delight at Ron’s choice. In the beach hut, she said: “I wasn’t sure where Ron was going to go during the challenge.

“But, he’s fought for me and it’s actually nice to see that he’s trying so hard.”

Unlike Lana, Casey left the challenge feeling less than impressed and after previously saying he felt he was “living rent free in Ron’s head” decided to approach his rival for a chat.

Casey told Ron: “It just feels a bit sly… You’re now moving towards her, but you haven’t even said that to me," to which Ron replied: “She is the girl I still have feelings for and she is the girl I fancy the most in here.”

An increasingly frustrated Casey said: “It just seems weird to me that you picked her and you’re joking around battling me. Your intention is obviously still there with her and that is what I’m confused about.”

Speaking in the beach hut, Casey appeared more confident, saying: “It’s obviously going to take more than just a challenge to take Lana away.”

Despite his confidence about Michelle Keegan’s pal Lana not falling for Ron’s charms again so quickly, the teaser for Tuesday night’s episode showed Lana and Ron looking cosy around the fire pit.

A disgruntled Casey saw the pair getting close and hit out to the boys he was with saying that he felt “like a d***” as Lana appeared to bin him off.


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