MSU Shooting Prompted Rage for Rep. Elissa Slotkin, Calls for Gun Reform

Rep. Elissa Slotkin says the latest mass shooting in Michigan has her full of rage — and she’s hoping this one is the tipping point for Congress to pass common sense gun laws.

We talked to the Congresswoman — who represents Michigan’s 7th district, encompassing Michigan State University, where 3 students were gunned down Monday — and she said, sadly, it was like déjà vu. She cited the 2021 mass shooting at Oxford High School, also in her district.

Rep. Slotkin told us Tuesday on “TMZ Live” … although her community has experienced this in the recent past, the same gut-wrenching feelings were sparked anew as she and her team got reports of the gunman.

Obviously, she’s working with her constituents as they process this tragedy — but in terms of where to go from here … Rep. Slotkin says she’s still in favor of pushing through bills that’d hopefully help deter such shootings.

She says the fact this shooter — Anthony McRae — was a convicted felon who clearly had issues is a red flag that should’ve popped up in background checks, and he never should’ve had a gun. The congresswoman also says most Americans are on board with this idea — realizing that enforcing these kinds of policies doesn’t infringe on the 2nd amendment.

The congresswoman also fielded a truly hard question — what to do about people who are out for vengeance and hell-bent on using a gun? In other words, if bad people are insistent on doing bad things — legally or illegally — can we really fight this phenomenon???

It’s a tough situation, but Rep. Slotkin still believes this type of festering anger in people — which leads them to such heinous acts — can be weeded out from the ground up.

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In offering up solutions, she also raised that old adage — it takes a village.

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