Peter Kay’s tour sparked concern from pal Paddy McGuinness as he re…

Peter Kay’s tour sparked concern from pal Paddy McGuinness

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Paddy McGuinness, 49, surprised Zoe Ball, 52, this morning when he admitted he has no interest in seeing his pal Peter Kay’s latest sold-out show. The Peter Kay Live Tour became one of the hottest tickets in town last year, after the comic made his return to stand-up after over 12 years.

After Zoe quizzed Paddy on whether he’s been to see his friend perform yet, the Top Gear star admitted it’s one of the last things on his mind, and that he was initially baffled over why Peter wanted to go out on the road again in the first place.

Paddy explained on BBC Radio 2’s Zoe Ball Breakfast Show this morning: “The mad thing about this show is, he rings me up, he says, ‘I’m going on tour’.

“So my first thing is, ‘why? Why do that? Why put yourself…’ and he’s like, ‘I want to do it’, this, that and the other.

“Great, fair enough, each to their own, and it is very seducing when you’re on stage and people are laughing.

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“So anyhow, he’s put this massive tour on, I come round for a cup of tea.

“So I’m round at his house, kids are out, wife’s out, it’s just me and him and a cup of tea. So he says, ‘get the laptop, I’ll talk you through stuff’.”

However, instead of giving him a summary of what the tour would be like, Peter decided to give Paddy a preview of the entire show.

Paddy recalled: “And then he says, ‘I tell you what, I’ll do the show now’.

“So he’s in his slippers, jogging pants from George at Asda, T-shirt with bean juice down the front – it’s just him”, the star chuckled.

Paddy explained to Zoe in the studio: “I’m sat where you are to me, he’s done the full routine.”

After Zoe gasped at the idea of it, Paddy quipped he was more worried his tea was going cold during the stand-up rehearsal, and that the moment made him feel like he didn’t need tickets to see the real thing in a stadium.

He added: “I get most people saying, ‘what an experience’ – not for me. I’m thinking, my tea is going stone cold here.

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“And then the ending’s amazing, it’s really extravagant, imagine that in his front room, how that played out.

“So I’m like, I’ve seen it in HD, 4K, I don’t need to do that again – so that’s it.”

Despite not being keen on reliving the tour, Paddy joked he instantly turned his phone off as soon as Peter announced tickets were on sale, as he knew people would ask if he had any access.

The former Take Me Out Host laughed: “What I did when he put that tour on is literally turn my phone off, because anyone who has any attachment to him whatsoever, people come crawling out the woodwork and ask, ‘have you got any tickets?’”

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