Prince Harry Says He Was Not Told Queen's Staff Involved In Ending His Security

Prince Harry claims he was not aware that some folks in the Royal Household had a hand in ending his police protection during a recent trip to the U.K. … and he’s pissed about it.

The Duke of Sussex and his team fired back at royal officials in a hearing Thursday … saying he should’ve been aware that some of the Queen‘s aides were involved in the decision given the fact there were tensions between him and some royal officials.

In case you didn’t know — Prince Harry, who now lives in California, is suing for taking away his personal security during visits to the U.K. He claims it’s not safe for him, Meghan Markle, or their two children to return to Britain because it’s too dangerous without security help.

His lawyer, Shaheed Fatima, says … “there were significant tensions between the claimant [Prince Harry] and certain people.”

You’ll recall … Harry and his family flew to the U.K. last month to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Though the tension was obviously high between Prince Harry, Meghan and some other royal family members — he was reportedly assured he’d have police protection.

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