Princess Anne still has soft spot for Harry – but she’s also furious, says expert

Even though Prince Harry was largely ignored by many senior royals during his father's Coronation earlier this month, there was one interaction that had people talking.

As The Princess Royal walked to her seat dressed in her Blues and Royals uniform and her dark green Order of the Thistle mantle, she had a quick exchange with her nephew who was sat directly behind her.

Despite the tirades that both Harry and Meghan have launched at the Royal Family ever since stepping back from their roles, it is thought that Princess Anne still has a "soft spot" for her nephew.

While this is true, royal expert Jennie Bond has opened up on how The King's sister will maintain her closeness with Harry even though she is "furious" with him for causing the late Queen so much upset and worry during her final years.

"Princess Anne is is a very straight down the line and blunt sort of person," Jennie exclusively tells OK! "She says what she thinks she doesn't pretend anything. She is probably like her late mother as Queen Elizabeth could always compartmentalise everything she was told.

"So when the family was imploding but she had a job to do, she could just put that on one side and get on with with the job in hand. And I think Anne's probably a little bit like that.

"The Coronation was a very public event and Harry was there where she was going to be sitting right in front of him with that red plume in her hat that was going to obscure his view."

Jennie continued: "It was entirely natural to to stop and chat with her nephew with whom, I think, she got on pretty well over the years rather than cause some kind of public public scene.

"It was better to be amiable but I am quite sure that deep down Anne has been absolutely furious with Harry for upsetting her mother, his grandmother, so much in in her last years.

"And for all the allegations he's made, I'm sure she'll be very unhappy with them, but this was neither the time nor place to to discuss all that, so I mean she I mean, they look very relaxed together.

"She would have just put things on one side a little bit but I'm sure she is angry at the damage he's done to the royal reputation because she works so hard.

"I don't know how strong the relationship between is but Anne works so damned hard, so hard for the constitutional monarchy and anything that damages it would make her very angry."

Weeks before the Coronation took place, a source told The Sun that senior members of the Royal Family, including Princess Anne and Princes Edward, would not welcome Harry's presence at the service over fears that private conversations would be revealed in an updated copy of Spare.

The source explained at the time: “There have been discussions among the family, including Edward and Anne. They do not want private conversations at the Coronation making it into the paperback edition of Spare.”


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