Robert Pattinson Details Fad Diets He's Tried To Keep Up With Male Body Standards

Robert Pattinson is opening up about the struggles of staying camera-ready.

As we’re all aware, in Hollywood there are some crazy beauty standards — especially if you’re so prominently in the spotlight. And with The Batman star being one of the biggest names in film, it’s not surprising he’s gone to some wild lengths to achieve his goals. In an interview with ES Magazine on Thursday, the actor talked body image and beauty expectations.

Although RPatz says he’s never had body image issues himself, he did say the expectations put on men and women alike — in the industry and out — are “crazy.” And the it can be all too easy to get obsessed:

“ very, very easy to fall into that pattern as well, even if you’re just watching your calorie intake, it’s extraordinarily addictive — and you don’t quite realize how insidious it is until it’s too late.”

Sounds like the star — whose physique is known very well to Twilight fans — has fallen into that pattern a few times himself.

One of the wild fad diets the 36-year-old revealed he once tried was a potato cleanse:

“I once ate nothing but potatoes for two weeks, as a detox. Just boiled potatoes and Himalayan pink salt. Apparently it’s a cleanse… you definitely lose weight.”

Just boiled potatoes for two weeks!? Wow! We’d lose weight, too…

According to various health sources, the potato fad is a vegan option for short-term, rapid weight loss. Some people choose to eat only plain white potatoes for a stricter diet, while others are more lenient and eat different kinds of potatoes such as sweet and red potatoes. Either way, eating only one food for a few weeks or up to a month has got to take some serious persistence and willpower! Especially a food as bland as boiled potatoes.

Robert went on to say he’s tried just about every diet and cleanse “you can think of” — including the ever-popular keto diet:

“I have basically tried every fad you can think of, everything except consistency. I tried to do keto once. I was like, ‘Oh, there’s a diet where you just eat charcuterie boards and cheese all the time?’ But I didn’t realize that you can’t have beer as it completely defeats the purpose.”

LOLz! We’re pretty sure beer is banned on all diets…

The High Life actor also mentioned his reluctance to discuss his training routine for movies, explaining:

“ quite embarrassing when you get into a pattern of answering questions about your workout because there’ll always be a guy who’s in better shape than you.”

What do U think about fad diets, Perezcious readers? What have YOU tried to keep up with beauty standards? Sound OFF in the comments (below).

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