Rod Stewart sends money to struggling family as he admits it ‘broke my heart’

Sir Rod Stewart and his 94 year old sister on stage for Sailing

Sir Rod Stewart stepped in to help a mum in Scotland who admitted to going hungry to help feed her children.

The rocker, 78, wanted to help in any way he could when he read about the family’s plight and pledged £2,500 to ensure they could afford to eat.

“I have a dream that one day we will live in a world where the cost of living crisis stops and everything is free and nobody struggles with not being able to eat,” the schoolgirl, from Motherwell, penned.

The Maggie May hitmaker was devastated to read Sophia’s letter in the Daily Record, and said he “simply had to find a way to help”.

“When I read this story in the Record and saw the letter Heather’s daughter wrote, it broke my heart,” Rod shared.

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He donated the generous sum to the family, and single parent Heather said Rod’s gesture was Sophia’s “dream come true” as her daughter “worries about us struggling every single day”.

“I told her what Mr Stewart did and it has completely thrown her. We obviously never expected anything like this to happen,” she told the newspaper.

“Sophia never asks for anything that she needs or wants because she doesn’t want me to be stressed out. So it is going to be amazing to see her not have to worry anymore,” Heather added to the aforementioned publication.

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“Mr Stewart is just an incredible person. I cannot thank him enough. I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart,” Heather gushed.

The mum-of-four had no idea Sophia knew she was skipping meals to feed her kids and confessed it was “quite upsetting” knowing how much her daughter had been worrying about their family.

“But I am just so proud of Sophia. She is just such a selfless wee girl.”

It comes as Rod denied he has any plans to retire after reports surfaced that his family would like him to step down from performing after decades in the business.

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The rocker, 78, defiantly insisted “retiring isn’t in my blood” as he prepares to start an epic 40-date worldwide tour next week.

It had been reported that Rod’s eight children were “worried” and wanted him to focus on his “family and health”.

The singer, renowned for his energetic stage performances, overcame knee surgery in 2022 and battled prostate cancer in 2016 and thyroid cancer in 2000.

“I’m not retiring though. I couldn’t do that, it’s in my blood,” the rocker confirmed during an appearance on the Chris Evans Virgin Radio show.

“I’m moving on. I’ve made an album with Jools Holland, and it’s a swing album. I’m not retiring, I just want to give the rock ‘n’ roll a rest for a while.

“Not that I’m tired, physically, of it. It’s just another challenge.”

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