Ron Perlman Goes Off On 'Motherf**ker' Studio Execs Who Hope Writers Go Homeless During Strike!

Ron Perlman has a message for all the studio executives who wish writers will become homeless during the strike!

As you know, thousands of screenwriters involved with the Writers Guild of America have been protesting since May for fair pay, working conditions, and more in the era of streaming. And earlier this week, a report came out from Deadline that stated the studios have zero intention of starting negotiations with the Writers Guild anytime soon. Ugh.

In fact, they allegedly want to continued the strike for months, so writers will face financial hardships. An unnamed studio executive told the outlet the movie companies’ endgame is “to allow things to drag on until union members start losing their apartments and losing their houses.” Several sources reiterated the same statement to Deadline, with one calling it “a cruel but necessary evil” in order to get a deal that works in favor of the studios.

What the f**k?! Talk about a cold and cruel thing to do! And we aren’t the only ones enraged by this game plan from studio executives. Ron Perlman had some threatening words for the unidentified exec in a since-deleted social media video, saying:

“One thing, before I get off this… The motherf**ker who said we’re gonna keep this thing going until people start losing their houses and their apartments, listen to me, motherf**ker, there’s a lot of ways to lose your house. Some of it is financial, some of it is karma, and some of it is just figuring out who the f**k said that — and we know who said that — and where he f**king lives.”

The Sons of Anarchy actor continued:

“There’s a lot of ways to lose your house. You wish that on people, you wish that families starve, while you’re making $27 f**king million a year for creating nothing? Be careful, motherf**ker. Be really careful, ’cause that’s the kind of s**t that stirs s**t up. Peace out.”


However, Ron seemed to cool down later on and back track on some of his statements! Acknowledging how he probably got a little too “heated,” he assured everyone on Instagram Saturday that he doesn’t want to “harm” anyone:

“As you can imagine, my reaction to somebody wishing that kind of harm on people in the very same industry that they call their own would engender a response. So, let me make something very clear right now. I don’t wish anybody any harm. I hope the a**hole who made that comment also doesn’t wish anybody any harm, but when you start going around and saying ‘we aren’t even gonna bargain with these f**king d**kheads until they start f**king bleeding and their families start bleeding. … I mean, if you want to talk about some of the s**t that makes people so cynical and so pissed off with our current climate, I mean this strike is just sort of… it’s a symptom of a struggle that’s way bigger than the strike itself. It’s a symptom of the soullessness of corporate America and how everything has become corporatized in this country.”

You can watch his entire video (below):

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