Sgt. Slaughter 'Memba Him?!

Former American wrestler Robert Rudolph Remus aka Sgt. Slaughter was in his late 20s when he trampled to fame with his wrestling gimmick, “Sgt. Slaughter” — a former patriotic U.S. sergeant who fought during the Vietnam War — during his illustrious wrestling career spanning from the ’70s to the ’90s.

1991 was a big year for Sgt. Slaughter … he became the WWE Champion, dethroning the Ultimate Warrior at The Royal Rumble, and he also had a feud with wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, burning one of Hogan’s shirts to flames during WrestleMania 7.

To this day, he’s still rockin’ his iconic look … the broad-brimmed hat, dark shades, military uniform and can’t forget about the ‘stache!!!

Guess what he looks like now … “And that’s an order!”

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