Twitter has a field day as Trump and Paltrow legal battles clash

Fight for the internet: Gwynnie versus Trump! Twitter has a field day as news of Donald Trump’s indictment and Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski crash trial victory land within hours of each other

  • An avalanche of memes have circulated throughout Gwyneth Paltrow’s high-profile court case
  • The actress won her case Thursday after jurors found she was not at fault for a dramatic ski crash in 2016
  • But her victory was quickly overshadowed by news of Donald Trump’s indictment, sending social media into a frenzy 

Gwyneth Paltrow’s blockbuster victory in court Thursday was strikingly overshadowed by news of Donald Trump’s indictment, sending social media into a frenzy as the momentous legal battles clashed.  

The actress won her court case after being accused of plowing into retired optometrist Terry Sanderson during a ski trip in 2016. 

But within the hour, news broke that a New York grand jury voted to indict the former president, leading some to joke that he should ‘get Gwyneth Paltrow’s lawyer’ for his upcoming legal battle. 

News of Donald Trump’s indictment quickly overshadowed Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski crash lawsuit victory on Thursday 

Some of those who cracked jokes about the trial compared it to the notorious OJ Simpson murder trial of 1994

The stunningly close announcements between the two legal battles were the focus for many online as pop culture struggled to grapple with the titanic news day. 

During the trial, everything from Paltrow’s fashion choices to her rival Terry Sanderson’s final testimony bore the brunt of the internet’s jokes, with some even relating the proceedings to other famous legal cases including the notorious OJ Simpson murder trial in 1994. 

The high-profile trial became an internet sensation in recent weeks after it was broadcast live in eight days of live-streamed testimony, with one person branding her ‘a walking meme’.

‘The winner of Sanderson v Paltrow to meet Trump in the next round,’ quipped another Twitter user as news of the former president’s indictment broke. 

‘Wonder if Trump’s calling Gwyneth Paltrow for advice right now,’ commented a third.  

The stunningly close announcements between the two legal battles was the focus for many online

After news of Donald Trump’s indictment broke, Twitter had a field day comparing it with Paltrow’s stunning court victory

The two high-profile legal challenges spurred numerous memes as the stories collided for attention in popular culture 

The trial spawned numerous pop culture memes from years past

Using a depiction of a roller coaster filled with nightmarish skeletons roaring past carriages of horrified revelers, one meme creator said the image illustrated an ‘Indicted Donald Trump walking into the courthouse as not-guilty Gwyneth Paltrow walks out’. 

After the actress’ triumph was quickly followed by news of Trump’s impending arrest, another joked: ‘Donald Trump has a lot to live up to if he wants his trial to be as funny as Paltrow’s’.

‘Gwyneth Paltrow is INNOCENT. Donald Trump GUILTY. This is the America we fought for!’ added another Twitter user. 

After numerous Republicans leapt to support the embattled former president, one Twitter user quipped: ‘I am pretending every screeching Republican defense of Trump is actually about the Gwyneth Paltrow ski accident trial.’

Paltrow won her case after a jury found she was not to blame for a horror ski crash that injured 76-year-old Terry Sanderson. 

But the verdict did not stop others cracking wise about her ski skills, with one tweeting: ‘Instead of jail time, motion to sentence Trump to an afternoon skiing with Gwyneth Paltrow.’ 

As she left, the actress briefly leaned over Sanderson’s shoulder and whispered something into his ear.

Speaking outside court, Sanderson’s lawyer Kristin Van Orman said she was not starstruck by Paltrow and added: ‘I’ve been a lawyer for 30 years and juries never surprise me.’ 

Of Sanderson, she added: ‘He is suffering, he’s a very nice man.’

Sanderson filed for damages in January 2019 – initially seeking $3.1 million. The sum was reduced by a judge to $300,000 in compensation for the injuries he sustained.

But Paltrow then countersued her fellow skier, filing for a symbolic $1 and for her legal expenses to be covered. 

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