‘Shameful!’ Paul McCartney splits Glastonbury fans as Johnny Depp appears in headline set

Paul McCartney celebrates his birthday at showbiz party

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Sir Paul McCartney played a clip of Johnny Depp from an old music video as he headlined Glastonbury last night. The Beatles legend included footage of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor using sign language on the screen behind him as he sang My Valentine.

Sir Paul, 80, took to the famous Pyramid Stage to perform in front of thousands at Glastonbury last night, making history as the oldest solo star to take on the headline slot at the festival. 

However, when actor Johnny, 59, who recently won his defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, 36, appeared on-screen behind him, it divided the opinions of fans. 

In the 2012 music video for My Valentine, Johnny was featured alongside actress Natalie Portman, 41.

The simple clip showed Natalie lip syncing to the music while Johnny strummed an acoustic guitar.

This video was streamed on the big screens at Worthy Farm as well as on the BBC, and as soon as images of the actor appeared on stage, cheers erupted from the crowd.

Sir Paul did not directly address Johnny’s defamation case against Amber, but viewers at home had plenty to say about his decision to include a video of the actor in his set. 

Taking to Twitter, fans voiced their differing opinions on the video, with some praising the decision.

Amena tweeted: “#PaulMcCartney played a video of #JohnnyDepp during his set tonight headlining at Glastonbury thank you #JOHNNYDEPPWINS.”

Purple_Fae wrote: “Happy  Birthday Sir Paul, hope it was a blessed and wonderful day and thank you for supporting fellow survivor Johnny Depp.”

Sophie commented: “Aaah I love ‘My Valentine’ and I’m glad gorgeous Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman are being shown on the screens from the video!”

John Baird penned: “A mediocre day at Glastonbury until Paul McCartney – fantastic. 

“And Johnny Depp plus what looked like a snippet of a Protestant marching band on the big screen behind him – that should cause stirrings in some quarters.”

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Fred Wibblington added: “#johnnydepp signing on massive screens to #PaulMcCartney  singing at #Glastonbury was everything.”

However, other people felt that the inclusion of the clip wasn’t appropriate due to the domestic abuse allegations made against Depp during his trial with Heard, which the actor has strenuously denied.

Halina penned: “I am so sad that a man like Paul McCartney has chosen to give Johnny Depp a platform.”

DeeDee tweeted: “I love Paul McCartney. The Beatles were always playing in my house growing up, but I can’t get it out of my mind that he’s a Depp supporter.”

Jean wrote: “Deeply disappointed in both @PaulMcCartney and @glastonbury for the Johnny Depp video. Feels like it goes against everything Glastonbury stands for.”

Chip asked: “Did Paul McCartney really have a massive on screen Johnny Depp during his previous tune? Ay caramba, everyone involved.”

While one more upset viewer tweeted: “I love Paul McCartney but so deeply disappointed he showed the Johnny Depp footage. It’s shameful.”

Sir Paul’s headline set comes one day after Amber and Johnny’s lawyers failed to reach a last-minute agreement which might have seen the damages she owes reduced.

The trial’s judge has since made the jury’s award official, with a written order for Amber to pay her ex-husband $10.35 million for damaging his reputation.

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