Soapwatch with JACI STEPHEN: Wedding heartache for bride Gabby

Soapwatch with JACI STEPHEN: Wedding heartache for bride Gabby

  • This week, Jaci looks at the sad fate of bride-not-to-be Gabby in Emmerdale
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Our expectations of a happy wedding are again dashed and now it’s Gabby who’ll be left with a broken heart. 

It’s all getting too much for a hungover Nicky (is there ever any other kind of man in this village?) when he meets up with Ally, who suggests he marry him instead. Forget musical chairs; it’s musical lips. Complicated, or what?

So what’ll happen, come the big day? Caleb is happy that his plan to destroy Kim appears to be going like clockwork, while Gabby tells Nicky she wants him to adopt her son Thomas. 

Then comes the bombshell – well, more a nuclear attack – when Nicky tells Gabby he’s gay and can’t go through with the ceremony.

This week, Jaci reflects on the sad fate of Gabby on Emmerdale. When fiancé Nicky tells her he’s gay and cannot marry her, Gabby is left heartbroken  

When it comes to relationships, it’s never straightforward on Emmerdale. This week, when Nicky is set to marry his fiancée Gabby, he meets up with Ally, who suggests he marry him instead

Jeez! Is there anyone who isn’t a closet gay in this village these days? I’ve seen more gays in Emmerdale than I’ve ever seen living in London’s Soho, Los Angeles’s West Hollywood and Paris’s Le Marais rolled into one (maybe you’d have to have lived in all three to know what I mean, but you get my drift). 


Chloe has wasted no time getting her claws into Mack. For Jessie Elland (Chloe), it’s because they now share baby Reuben and are ‘getting to know each other’. It’s still claws to me.

Not surprisingly, Gabby is devastated – not the first village bride to be in this position on her wedding day – but will the penny drop when Caleb panics and punches his son in the face? (Anyone else having as much difficulty following this family tree as I am? Time for a topiarist to trim those branches, I say). 

When Kim’s bank accounts are emptied, will Caleb reveal who he really is? How come I have trouble getting a tenner out of a cashpoint, and Caleb manages to clean out Home Farm’s accounts?

Not buying it. The only thing that’ll ever bring Kim down is if one of her horses ODs on ketamine. Or if Will finally bores her to death.

In other news, Bear asks Mandy out for lunch but misreads the signals and moves in for a kiss. When Paddy hears about it, will it make him admit his feelings for Mandy?


Caught out, Sarah spills the beans to Adam…

What is it about the sight of a bottle of alcohol that makes Damon so irresistible to Sarah? 

The seduction is now so easy for him, you suspect it won’t be long before he only has to say the words ‘Tesco Finest Pinot’ and she’ll throw herself at him. 

When he calls at the flat on the pretext of seeing Adam, he produces… yes, you’ve guessed it… a bottle of wine and suggests that he keep Sarah company. 

Confessing that she can’t stop thinking about him, she kisses him but is interrupted by Gail, plus Harry in tow with a temperature. How did she get in? 

Sarah and Damon share a passionate kiss on Coronation Street, but they’re soon interrupted by Gail, who has an unwell Harry with her. When Harry catches the pair at it again, he tells Sarah he hates her

If you’re going to have an affair, surely the first thing you do is lock the door. When the lovers share another passionate kiss, they are unaware that Harry is watching them. 

When the lad declares that he hates Sarah, it’s all too much and Sarah confesses to Adam that she’s slept with Damon.

I don’t hold out much hope for the marriage, but at least Adam will be able to add Divorce Lawyer to his long list of every other kind of case he covers. 

For goodness’ sake, Adam, don’t get Dee Dee to do the paperwork. She’s about as useful to the legal profession as a gavel is to a lumberjack.

My guess is that Sarah will soon find out she’s pregnant. At least that’ll keep her off the bottle for nine months. Possibly.


It’s a thin line between a breath of fresh air and a gale-force wind. Elaine falls into the latter category, with some punters being blown away by her vibrant personality. 

Her boyfriend George threatens to uproot everything. Not only is he an ex-boxer, he has two glamorous daughters who’ll doubtless waste no time in breaking hearts.

But is George all he seems? When Linda comes to realise he has no money to support the Vic, she throws him and the girls out. She’s all heart, that one. 

But George has a trick up his sleeve and proposes to Elaine in front of the whole pub. Of course he does. He’s quickly learned that any fairm-ly drama means nothing unless it has an audience. 

Convinced George is a gold-digger, Linda begs Elaine to end the relationship. I’d put begging her to get a decent hairdo way higher on the list of priorities.

Money is also causing problems in Keanu and Sharon’s relationship when she buys The Arches for him. Really? Couldn’t you have settled for a nice shirt? He could do with one. 

Despite his reluctance about Sharon supporting him, she encourages Keanu to grab the opportunity. 

There’s more trouble in paradise when Sharon hires Reiss to do the books so Keanu can focus on cars. She does know The Arches manages just one MOT a year, right?

Why Salmon’s tickled pink

Jaci is impressed by the casting of Colin Salmon as George. Viewers will recognise the actor, 61, from his role as Charles Robinson in three James Bond films, as well as his parts in popular TV shows Doctor Who and The Musketeers

EastEnders have really pulled it out of the bag with the casting of Colin Salmon as George. A familiar face from television and the Bond movies, this is a masterstroke from producer Chris Clenshaw.

‘I remember when EastEnders started,’ says Colin. ‘I was living in Luton after being born in Clapton, east London. A lot of us East End folk had never seen people like us on the telly before and we were really excited.’ Long may that excitement continue.

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