Strictly’s Ola Jordan ‘walks around naked’ amid weight loss

Ola Jordan walks around the neighbourhood in her lingerie

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Ola, 40 and her husband James Jordan, 44, have lost an incredible six stone between them in recent months. The pair look in their best shape ever after shedding pounds and wowing their fans with saucy photos on social media.

James even went so far as to say that Ola has now been walking around “naked” all the time.

The pair headed to the Together For Short Lives Ball in London yesterday and commanded attention.

James was dressed to the nines in a black suit while Ola donned a dress which modestly showed off her figure with a low-cut neckline and an A-line skirt.

The pair have been far more confident since their weight loss.

Speaking at the ball, Ola said the pair are glad they took before and after snaps adding: “Some of the pictures I see of myself I’m like, ‘Oh my God. I actually was quite big’.”

She said they used to hide and not wear skimpy things, with James adding to Daily Star: “Now she walks around naked all the time.”

After the cheeky confession, Ola added: “Since I’ve turned 40 I knew I didn’t want to be unhealthy. 

“I wasn’t looking forward to being 40 and like that, but when I lost a bit of weight I was like, ‘Yeah I’m happy now,’ but it’s not easy.”

The pair first unveiled their weight loss in December after sharing before and after photos with a huge difference.

They said at the time they were “shocked” with how different they looked in the transformation.

James said: “It’s the reason that original picture got posted – to give us the wake up call we needed to get our a**es in gear!”

It was revealed the pair had been using dance workouts to slim down while also eating well alongside it.

They created their own workouts after launching their website Dance Shred.

Former Dancing On Ice star James revealed before the programme he was drinking up to three calorific hazelnut lattes per day while he failed to move his body.

He admitted the sad loss of his father caused him to suffer from brain fog and low moods.

Ola felt the same way – ducking out of red-carpet appearances and hiding at home until she was ready to face the potential trolling and backlash by posting the bikini picture and finally taking accountability.

She told Daily Mail: “For me, it was my stomach. I used to think, is that it? Is that my stomach after pregnancy? Am I never going to lose that? But I have. I’ve got a nice flat tummy now. 

“My face changed a lot. When I look back at pictures, I’m like I was so swollen.

“People said after pregnancy I would just snap back because I’m a professional dancer but I’m the same as everyone else. I sat there in my baggy clothes during lockdown stuffing my face and I didn’t dance.

“My body was not going to snap back.

“I didn’t want to get dressed up and nothing fitted me anymore. That was my breaking point.”

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