The Huge 'Stranger Things' Upside Down Clue We All Missed

Stranger Things season four has been a *lot* to mentally process to say the least – from intense fan theories to some very worrying character clues. And if that wasn’t enough, there are a whole bunch of hidden plot hints to take in too.

Yep, you’ve got to be pretty eagle-eyed to catch all those Easter eggs tucked away in different episodes – and it turns out we all missed a fairly big one. Luckily, Netflix are on hand to help, as they’ve just confirmed a gigantic Upside Down clue that you probably didn’t spot. *Spoilers ahead*.

The revelation stems from a scene in Stranger Things season four, episode seven, where we see Henry Creel and Eleven coming face-to-face in the Rainbow Room at Hawkins Lab. However, one thing you most likely didn’t spot at the time is the fact that the rainbow on the wall behind Henry is actually, err, upside down, while Eleven’s is the right way up.

Netflix highlighted the hidden detail on Twitter, sharing stills of Henry and Eleven side-by-side with the caption, “When you spot that the rainbow behind him was UpSiDe DoWn…”

Yep, safe to say we missed that one.

When you spot that the rainbow behind him was UpSiDe DoWn…

There’s, of course, more to the upside down rainbow than just some clever painting trickery, though. The series later revealed that Henry, aka Number One, is actually Vecna – the new monster from the Upside Down. So, was the upside down rainbow a hint that Henry was actually aligned with the actual Upside Down all along?

So much to take in! Part two, we’re ready.

Stranger Things season four, volume two launches on Netflix on 1st July.

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