Tom Parkers wife Kelsey says its really hard to watch Love Island without him

Kelsey Parker heartbreakingly lost her husband, The Wanted star Tom Parker back in March after an 18 month battle with cancer, and is managing her grief day-by-day.

And in our latest interview and shoot, the mum of two, who shares children Aurelia, two, and 20 month old Bodhi with her late husband, told us that year's Love Island has been particularly hard for her to watch – because she's missing his "running commentary."

Speaking to OK!, the 32 year old revealed: "I’ve found Love Island really hard to watch this year because I’d normally have Tom’s running commentary throughout it, so it’s those little things that I find hard.

She continued: "Even ringing and texting, we’d text each other constantly if we weren’t together, so it’s just missing someone. He was my best friend so obviously I miss him so much."

Kelsey has been so strong since he passed away following his diagnosis of stage four glioblastoma brain tumour, but her grief comes in waves.

“I have moments on my own when I’m in the kitchen and I’m making something and I’ll think of him and then I’ll get emotional,” she said.

Understandably the star's south London home is covered in photos of her husband, which she explained can sometimes be "tough" to see.

“A lot of people sent me pictures and have given me stuff, even the stuff we used for his funeral, but it’s quite overwhelming," Kelsey, 32, told us.

"There’s so many beautiful pictures of him but I’ve put them in other places because if you do see it every day that’s tough. You do get teary eyed looking at him and I think when people come round, they’re choked to see them."

When it comes to beliefs the dancer explained she believes she will be reunited with Tom again and has even been told they were together in a previous life.

“I’ve found a lot of comfort in things I didn’t think I would find comfort in,” she revealed.

“I have spoken to people and they’ve told me we have been together in a past life and we will be together again. I massively believe that. It wasn’t a coincidence I met him at 19 outside a nightclub. It was fate that brought us together and we were inseparable from the moment we met.”


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