Tory Lanez Wants Gen Pop in New Prison, Not Afraid of Danger

Tory Lanez is isolated in his prison cell, and amid a new, volatile environment, the guy’s actually gunning to be among the normie inmates … and he’s not afraid at all.

Ceasar McDowell — a member of Tory’s legal team and the CEO of Unite the People — tells us he’s spoken to TL a few times since he was denied bond pending his appeal, and apparently Tory has a preference on where to be housed at the new facility … gen pop.

North Kern State Prison

Indeed … we’re told Tory’s first choice is to be among the other inmates, as opposed to being siloed away in a protective wing … where high-profile inmates often go. Instead, McDowell tells us Tory’s relayed to him … he wants to be among the common crowd, which is somewhat shocking.

TMZ broke the story — Tory’s currently isolated because of his celebrity status, getting frequent guard checks and escorts for meals — but he doesn’t want the special treatment … he wants to be out with everybody else.

It goes without saying … gen pop is where a lot of danger exists, and where an inmate could more easily run into problems. And despite this, we’re told Tory has absolutely no apprehension about his safety … as McDowell explains Tory thinks he can handle himself.

McDowell tells us that Tory’s been fully briefed on prison life from several people in his own world — and, generally speaking, he’s a confident guy. In other words, it sounds like TL thinks he’d be able to fit right in without any problems.

More than this … we’re told there are practical reasons Tory’s gunning for a gen Pop placement. An inmate in gen pop tends to have access to more programs and resources (like help/support groups) than the special wing prisoners do … and McDowell says Tory wants the option to take advantage of those.

Unclear which of these Tory might want to join, but what McDowell does tell us is this … Tory believes being a part of that will help him rehabilitate faster and come home sooner.

Now, while Tory might not fear his own safety in the new prison … we’re told he does have one lingering fear … the real possibility of losing touch with his loved ones. We’re told the communication rules at North Kern State Prison are different than what he had at L.A. County Jail … where he could call anyone he wanted at any time.

Here, and for the time being, he’ll have limited access to the outside world. McDowell says Tory can’t make calls himself, but can still receive them from his legal team. This will only be temporary, however, as Tory sits tight in the “reception center” for the next 30 days.

McDowell says once Tory finishes his month in the reception center, he’ll head into inmate orientation — where they’ll determine his fate as far as gen pop, etc. In the meantime, Tory’s team is working round-the-clock to get a higher court to reverse the bond denial.

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