Susanna Reid abruptly ends sex symbol debate after guests go ’off the rails’

GMB: Susanna stops debate after Joan Collins comment

Susanna Reid had to abruptly end a debate on Monday’s Good Morning Britain, twlling her guests they were “going off the rails”.

The discussion came after Match of The Day’s Gary Lineker said he didn’t know whether or not he’d call himself a sex symbol due to his age of 62.

However, with Strictly Come Dancing’s oldest contestant Angela Rippon impressing viewers with her high-kick, the ITV show questioned whether you could be a sex symbol at any age.

To discuss the topic, actress Debbie Arnold and journalist Dawn Neesom had strong differing opinions, with Debbie stating it’s demeaning to try and be sexy.

Asking her thoughts on the debate, she commented: “When you’re younger, you want to be a sex symbol, you want people to desire you, that’s what a sex symbol is.

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“But, as you get older you want to be seen for more than that, don’t you? You want to be sophisticated and glamorous but not sexy sexy.”

Although Debbie refused to divulge her age, she told the two hosts she’s over 60 herself.

Susanna asked: “Are you not proud to be over 60 and sexy?”

She replied: “Yes, I am a sexual woman, but I’m not a sex symbol, it takes a lot to be a sex symbol.”

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However, talk soon turned to which celenrities they would class as sex symbols now, and Debbie’s comments on Joan Collins didn’t go down well with the hosts.

After her jibe, Susanna hit back: “Oi, she’s very happily married to a man who finds her very attractive. What are you talking about?!”

As Debbie reiterated her statement, Susanna quickly shut down the discussion: “I think this conversation has gone right off the rails you two!”

Drawing the conversation to a close, the host revealed she was being told by the bosses in her ear that Joan Collins would be a guest on Tuesday’s show.

Dawn said: “Good luck with that one.”

Richard joked: “I’m hearing that she’s just cancelled the show tomorrow!”

Realising her comment may have been a tad too far, Debbie could be heard in the background apologising to Joan.

Susanna light-heartedly replied: “It’s too late Debbie!”

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