Colleges with the most oscar-winning actors

Some schools stand out for producing many outstanding actors and film producers. This article will help you know about such top schools.

Colleges With the Most Oscar-Winning Actors

The annual OSCAR award is one of the most popular events. How nice it is to see films you love and your favorite actors being recognized for their effort in producing a fantastic movie.

Acting, indeed, involves hard work, training, and dedication. Hence, it is not surprising for these people to be recognized for their efforts. Most people want to be actors, even right from school. They either use an essay writing service like samedayessay or brainstorm to have a good plot.

Look at the colleges that have the highest number of Oscar-Winning actors.

1.   New York University

The school of art of the NYU stands out for producing both directors and actors that have been recognized for their distinctive contribution to acting. Wooden Allen is one of the OSCAR directors from NYU. Angelina Jolie, a product of NYU, has also been recognized as one of the best-supporting actresses.

2.   University of California – Berkeley

The University of California has also topped the list of colleges with the most Oscar-winning actors and producers. Professor Mark Berger has four OSCAR awards to his honor, recognized for his sound mixing effort.

Joe Letteri was also recognized for his efforts in special effects. Edith Head has won eight times after 35 nominations.

3.   University of California, Los Angeles

Of course, this list is not complete without the UCLA as the Alumni have won 28 awards. More than any school in Southern California, UCLA has won more OSCAR awards. Francis Ford is a director that has won five times. John William has been nominated 50 times, especially for his effort in the Star Wars movie.

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4.   University of Southern California

USC has also produced a considerable number of successful actors and directors that have made it to OSCAR award. Robert Zemeckis was recognized for his effort in the famous “Back to the Future” movie. He was also recognized for his effort in “Forrest Gump.”

While Lyle Wheeler had 29 nominations, he was lucky to win the award five times. Gary Rydstrom is a sound engineer with 17 nominations and seven awards. We are all aware of his effort in the famous film Titanic.

5.   Pasadena City College

It is fantastic to know that there is a Junior College that has produced the Oscar award winners. The first African American director that was nominated for the best director award is John Singleton. This was for his effort in the movie “Boyz in the Hood”.

William Holden, a product of Pasadena City College, was also recognized for his contribution as the best actor for the movie “Stalag17.”


It is satisfying to see that the efforts of our favorite actors and filmmakers do not go unrecognized. Thanks to hard work and dedication, many were able to succeed in acting.

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