Tyler Perry Has Guest Moose in Backyard of His Home

7:40 AM PT — We found out the moose on the loose were outside Tyler’s place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Tyler Perry is full of Bullwinkle.

It’s pretty shocking … a GIGANTIC moose somehow made its way into Tyler’s backyard, and it’s both a glorious and frightening sight. A moose can be super dangerous, but when you stand back and watch … well, it’s awesome.

It’s unclear where the video was taken — frankly, it looks like his backyard in the Hills of Beverly. But, we’ve never seen a moose in these parts, so it’s more likely somewhere like Montana or Wyoming. He’s been working remotely lately, managing and producing shows for his massive ATL studio compound.

Tracee Ellis Ross posted photos and vids of the scene, with the caption, “this is magic!!! They are sooooo beautiful !!!!!”

And, get this … It’s not Tyler’s first moose encounter … back in August, he posted a selfie with a moose, saying “Writing season 4 of Sistas. New meaning of working remotely!”

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