10 Ways Andy Murray Spends His $100 Million Fortune

Like many athletes with multiple accolades, Andy Murray is super-rich. The British professional tennis player has had an illustrious career that has given him not only titles and fame but also money. Since he turned pro in 2005, the 38year old has racked in at least $62 million in prize money alone. Alternatively, he has generated huge fortunes from multiple endorsements from brands like Adidas, Shiatzy Chen, Rado, and Highland Spring. According to Forbes, the 4th all-time leader in earnings in male tennis is estimated to be worth $100 million today. However, this article will look at how the 46-career title right-handed star spends his Fortune.

10 Family Time

Murray is a family man who is not shy to show the world how much he loves and appreciates his family. During his wedding in Scotland, guests were treated to a luxurious wedding in one of the best hotels in Scotland- Cromlix House. The tennis star splashed more than $2 million on their lavish wedding to show his bride Kim Sears how much he loves her. Today, the couple lives in luxury with their four beautiful kids together.

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9 His Real Estate Portfolio

Like most of his colleagues, Murray is an investor that isn’t shy to commit his funds to profit-making ventures. In 2013, Murray purchased the Cromlix House hotel for about $2.2 million. According to the U.K-based news house- Daily Record, in 2015, Murray also spent $7 million to renovate his hotel. Since then, he has splurged funds on the Perthshire-based hotel, making it more enterprising.

8 His $8 Million Country Mansion

Before Murray married in 2015, the Scottish star had always been a fan of luxury homes. However, in 2017, he reportedly acquired an $8 million (£5.5 million) country mansion in Oxshott, Surrey, England. This comes about a year after he sold his 8-yeard old $3 million Miami penthouse. Murray’s reason for putting the house for sale was that he wanted to spend more time with his family.

7 Investing In Start-Ups

The 35year old Scottish athlete is a keen investor that supports and promotes early projects. He demonstrated this in 2015 by signing a sponsorship deal with the popular crowdfunding platform Seedrs. While the exact figures are speculative, many believe the tennis star supported the project with huge funds. In 2018, he also invested in Deuce, another sport-affiliated startup. Deuce currently assists tennis players in the U.K with finding court sessions and coaches.

6 Luxury Vacations

As a family man, the tennis star enjoys going on vacation with his family. He has been pictured alone and with his family at many private beaches and islands. In 2019, Murray admitted to the media how he enjoys traveling and seeing places. In his interview with DailyMall.co.uk, he confessed that Melbourne, Australia is his favorite city. He delights his fans with several pictures of his traveling and vacations on his Instagram page.

5 Fancy Cars

While Andy Murray remains a very humble and rich athlete, the Wimbledon champion has a decent taste in cars. The British tennis star has an eco-friendly Jaguar I-Pace, a Volkswagen Polo, and a range rover, among a list of decent cars in his garage. While his cars may not be the most expensive in the market, they are also not cheap. It is also worth noting that he sold his Ferrari in 2010, after five months of owning it, because it was too flashy.

4 Business Travels

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Besides being an athlete, the 2016 World No. 1 is also a prolific businessman. The entrepreneur and investor is the founder of the management company, 77. He is also a significant investor in the organic sports drink brand- Halo Hydration. Therefore, while he is not traveling for competitive sports activities, the British athlete is making business moves.

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3 Charity

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Andy Murray is also known for his charitable works within and outside the U.K. As founding members, Murray and David Beckham launched the Malaria No More UK charity in 2019. In 2017, he also used his annual “Andy Murray Live” to raise almost $1 million for the charity organization. In 2013, the Wimbledon star also teamed up with other tennis stars to inaugurate “Rally Against Cancer” to raise funds for Ross Hutchins. The British player, at the time, was battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His charity work is also why Murray remains one of the most respected athletes in the U.K today.

2 Gaming Consoles

Andy Murray is not exempted from the long list of individuals who enjoy video games. In one of his interviews, the tennis star confessed to being a die-hard gamer. He also confessed to spending most of his spare time enjoying gaming with friends. According to a report, the 35year old installed PlayStation consoles in most of the rooms in his mansion.

1 Books

Individuals close to Murray believe that the tennis star is not just physically excellent but intellectually upright and sound. Murray is a deep thinker, a fast learner, and an individual with high intellectual curiosity. One could easily deduce it from how the Wimbledon star plays his game. This is why he found it worth spending some of his money on publishing two autobiographies.

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