How to Get a Chinese Phone Number?

If you, like us, are looking for an inexpensive way to do business on the Chinese market, then you will be interested to read about our experience with HotTelecom ( Getting a little ahead of ourselves, we want to say that this cooperation is awesome!


Who Are We? 

We are a young startup that provides online financial services in Europe. We have 2 offices in Warsaw and Kyiv, where our call center managers provide financial advice to our clients. This year we decided to expand the geography of our company and start to provide services to China. The Chinese market is growing, and we decided to develop together with it. It is expensive to open an office in China, so we decided to hire qualified staff in Warsaw and provide services from our office in Poland. The question arose as to how to make cheap calls to China, how to have a good sound quality, and telephone numbers with the Chinese code (an important psychological component of doing business, as customers trust more numbers with codes of their country). As you can understand, it is difficult to conduct such business without IP telephony and virtual numbers, and we decided to use the services from Hottelecom.

How to Use the Services? 

Everything is quite simple and easy, on the website of HotTelecom you can choose the service you need (they have a huge selection of virtual phones) and the country you want to connect with. Next, you will be asked to do a quick registration, and that’s it. You pay for the numbers and use them, if you have any questions, the technical support is always ready to advise you.

Why Choose Hottelecom?

We were looking for the right long-term partner, we did some research and realized that HotTelecom is the best on the market, the quality of their calls and communication is at the highest level. The cost for the Chinese virtual phones is much more favorable than calling from other providers!