AI art fails prove that the machines will not be taking over

Salvador Dalí would turn in his grave! These AI art fails prove that the machines will not be taking over your favourite gallery

  • Bored Panda has collected images from around the world showing AI art 
  • One picture of a man stuffing American cheeseburgers in his face is harrowing  
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Many people are worried about artificial intelligence getting too out of hand, but after seeing these images you will have no fear about it ever taking over the world’s art galleries. 

Bored Panda has made a gallery of wacky images generated by AI from all around the world, which would leave even the surrealists turning in their graves.  

One picture shows a woman who looks upset while her boyfriend stuffs American cheeseburgers into his face, quite literally.  

Another surreal picture shows the cast of The Office US, which is based in Pennsylvania, as depicted by AI. 

What a boob! AI has hilariously given this woman as having a third head in the middle of her chest, so it looks as though she’s got three breasts

Elsewhere, someone asked AI to show American actress Jennifer Lawrence with a baby and the results are truly harrowing.

Another sinister snap shows a man and woman taking a dip in a pan of hot water with vegetable slices floating on the surface – a spa day that has gone wrong, clearly. 

Here, FEMAIL have put together the wackiest pictures that AI has generated which may give you nightmares. 

That’s one way to put you off your food! This woman looks stressed as her boyfriend stuffs an American cheeseburger in his face, literally

That’s not the downward dog! AI attempted to show people in yoga poses and it’s enough to make the hairs stand up on your skin

Sail fail! This woman is sailing down down a river on a boat except she also has an extra leg which is on the boat while her other legs are in the water 

A real ugly duckling! AI generated this very confusing gender reveal party image, where a swan is in a box and the man has an arm over his mouth

Oh mama! Someone asked AI to show American actress Jennifer Lawrence with a baby and it produced these confusing pictures 

This man is enjoying a glass of wine… using his third arm according to AI’s interpretation of a portrait image 

Not such a super hero! Spiderman looks weirdly shaped in this AI generated picture of him flying over the Manhattan skyline in New York

It seems although artificial intelligence may be clever, it still cannot work out how many toes humans have 

Have you ever had your hands full and had to carry an umbrella? It’s a struggle. But not for this woman who has one attached to her head 

This is how artificial intelligence has depicted the American television series, The Office, which is based in Pennsylvania

When asked to generate images of the Olympics, artificial intelligence has shown a man with three legs doing a flip 

It seems that AI doesn’t understand what a spa day is, because this fruity situation looks anything but relaxing 

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