Arte, Miam! Board Adolescent Doc Series ‘Boys Boys Boys’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Franco-German broadcaster Arte and Paris-based Miam! Distribution have backed the animated documentary “Boys Boys Boys,” with the European broadcaster set to air the upcoming series next autumn as Miam! handles global sales. Still in production, the project is slated for delivery in mid 2023.

Directed by Valentine Vendroux and Clawdia Prolongeau and produced by Melting Productions, the 2D computer animated series will address a young adult and adolescent crowd in order to puncture myths about masculinity. Based on an original idea from Florent Guimberteau, the project won attention at Annecy’s Mifa Pitch Forum in 2020 while winning the prize for best pitch at the Rennes Animation Festival later that year.

‘’Boys Boys Boys’ questions masculinity through all its definitions and possibilities,’’ says Clement Treboux of Melting Productions. “Through ten short and unique testimonies, men will share their stories while paving new paths. Miam! Distribution’s work on similar series in terms of format, target audience and theme makes them an ideal partner. We will collaborate with them for the full distribution of the series with pleasure and confidence.”

“Our adult line up is mainly composed of series that question the female models proposed on the screen,” adds Miam! founder Hanna Mouchez. “But what about the male gender, which is inevitably impacted by this increasingly powerful and inclusive female representation? What place is left for men? ‘Boys Boys Boys’ is thus a collection of funny and poetic testimonies, two key ingredients for an intelligent dialogue! “

Miam! Animation— the banner that incorporates the company’s production and distribution wings — had a substantial presence at last week’s Cartoon Forum in Toulouse. Alongside the studio’s made in-house, Canal+ backed series “The Tinies,” Miam Distribution also backed pitch titles “The Animal Court” and “Magic Mission in Mexico.”

Created by Jean-Baptiste Bach and made in collaboration between Zadig and AOP Productions, “The Animal Court” looks to rehabilitate the unfairly maligned, putting critters like the spider on the stand and letting them plead their cases in three-minute, 2D-animated bursts. Directed by Hefang Wei and produced by Amaury Ovise of Kazak Productions, “Magic Mission in Mexico” builds of Wei’s 2021 short about a young girl and mythical feathered serpent, the Quetzalcoatl.

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