Biggest EVER EuroMillions jackpot could be yours TOMORROW with incredible £191MILLION up for grabs | The Sun

THE biggest ever EuroMillions jackpot could be yours tomorrow, with an eye-watering top prize of £191 million.

The lottery game is played in Ireland, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

If one UK ticket-holder bags the entire jackpot, they would immediately become the UK's biggest-ever winner, knocking Gloucestershire couple Joe and Jess Thwaite off the top spot only two months after they scooped a record-breaking £184 million.

It comes after National Lottery players failed to predict all five main and two Lucky Star numbers in Tuesday's £186 million draw, meaning the prize rolls over.

Should a UK player match all the numbers in Friday's draw, they would become richer than singer Dua Lipa, who has an estimated net wealth of £36 million, and actor James Corden, who is thought to be worth £50 million.

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They would also be able to buy themselves a home in Bishops Avenue in north London, known as Billionaires' Row, where properties have gone for around £75 million in the past, or the luxurious Doughty House in Richmond, south-west London, which is worth £100 million.

The EuroMillions jackpot will be capped once it reaches 230 million euros (around £197 million) and it is estimated that could be reached in Friday's draw.

When the jackpot reaches its cap, players matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star can expect a bigger prize, because any money that would have gone into boosting the jackpot is shared among winners in the next prize tier.

Once it reaches the cap and assuming it continues not to be won, the jackpot will stay at 230 million euros for a further four draws until it has to be won in the fifth draw.

In a EuroMillions Must Be Won draw, if no ticket matches all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars, the entire jackpot will roll down into the prize tier where there is at least one winner – meaning many multi-millionaires could be created.

Friday's draw is expected to be the first of the five draws with the capped jackpot. If the top prize rolls over for a further four draws, the Must Be Won draw will take place on July 22.

At the moment, the country's biggest winners are Joe and Jess Thwaite.

The Gloucestershire couple were handed a record-breaking £184m jackpot back in May.

Despite their astonishing new wealth, one of their first purchases was a second-hand Volvo.

The second-biggest win was awarded to an anonymous ticket-holder who claimed £170m in 2019.

Colin and Chris Weir from Largs, North Ayrshire, won £161m in 2011, while Adrian and Gillian Bayford claimed just over £148m in 2012.

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A ticket-holder from French Polynesia claimed £184m – just like the Thwaites – in October last year.

The young woman told the press: "I want to explore the world with my family, especially looking for snow, because I’ve never seen that before."

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