‘Boy Meets World’ Cast Reflects on Recasting Morgan After Season 2: Lily Nicksay ‘Didn’t Want to Be There’

The cast of “Boy Meets World” continues to take fans behind the scenes. During Tuesday’s episode of the “Pod Meets World,” hosts Danielle Fishel, Will Friedle and Rider Strong were joined by William “Rusty” Russ, who portrayed Alan Matthews on the ABC sitcom.

During the discussion, the group spoke about the Morgan character, who was originally portrayed by Lily Nicksay for the first two seasons. Morgan was missing in Season 3 until episode 14 when Lindsay Ridgeway appeared as the new Morgan.

“I think there was some issues that had to do with growing up,” Russ said of the recasting. “I’m not sure she was very happy at the time and [creator] Michael Jacobs, to his credit, could see that. He decided what was best personally for her was to let her try something else, go somewhere else.”

While Friedle noted that “she just didn’t want to be there,” Fishel added that Nicksay was “so naturally funny and just cute as a button” and possibly didn’t want to be a child actor.

She continued, “We were talking about the pressure. You really have to want it. It’s a lot on your shoulders and she was 6 years old. I think eventually she just got to a point where she was like, ‘This isn’t as fun as you guys all think it is.’”

The group also explained the “death chair.” During the first season of the show, multiple different child actors were brought into the show to be the third friend in Shawn and Cory’s (Ben Savage) group. Eventually, the writers realized they didn’t need it and went with a different dynamic. The same was the case with Morgan.

“They needed to bring the character back, because it was a whole other dynamic of the show and a whole other audience of the show,” Friedle said.

Russ added, “All of this is coming back from what they’re feeling from audiences. nothing’s done in a vacuum. A lot of times you don’t know until you do it. You try it and see.”

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