Diners blast 'Worst McDonald's ever' and its 'cold, dry' food

Diners blast ‘worst McDonald’s restaurant ever’ in Llanelli criticising the ‘rude staff’ and ‘cold, dry’ food

  • McDonald’s on the outskirts of Llanelli has received some very harsh reviews
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Peeved diners have slammed a branch of McDonald’s, branding it the ‘worst ever’ and describing it as ‘awful’.

Among the poor Tripadvisor write-ups of the eatery on the outskirts of Llanelli, in Wales, are 79 one-star reviews out of its 147 write-ups.

The overall rating of the branch is two stars, with disgruntled customers giving poor ratings due to what they describe as ‘poor management, service and customer care’.

A number of reviewers said they have received incorrect orders, with missing items, and one commented on the ‘cold and dry’ food.

One reviewer wrote: ‘Terrible service, it’s called fast food but you never get your food at the window, you’re always asked to park and wait, but you end up in a queue of cars blocking the exit for everyone trying to leave, because everyone is being asked to park and wait ‍♂️

A McDonald’s branch on the outskirts of Llanelli, in Wales has been described as the ‘worst’ by a disgruntled diner

‘When you do eventually get your order there is usually an item missing, sometimes I’ve got home and then found out I’ve got a missing item, but it’s a half hour round trip to correct the order.

‘I’ve probably been conned out of quite a bit of money with all the missing food I’ve had.

‘Such poor management, service and customer care.’

Another added: ‘Awful McDonalds, the worst one in the Swansea/Llanelli area. Avoid. 

‘Sausage egg Muffin meal this mornings was cold, the egg york was black, hash brown stone cold, how isn’t this place a 1 score on the door I do not know!’

Another one-star write-up said: ‘Click and collect order placed on Friday when my daughter got home half the order was missing. Contact McDonald’s and they pretty much say tuff. So awfully service and awful customer service. Avoid.’ 

And a further reviewer revealed they were not going to visit again, criticising the quality of the food among other things.

They wrote: ‘We arrived and there wasn’t enough screens to order and one was broke one not giving tickets. Not all menu available and we witnessed a little old man struggling with the screen. 

A number of visitors were left disappointed by their visit, and they shared their opinions in reviews 

‘A customer care assistant was walking around and never offered to help him so I did. ( I work in customer services). It felt very canteen like with new layout.food was ok fries cold and dry. Very disappointed.’

Another diner, who sounded even more annoyed, wrote: ‘Decided to take a quick trip to McDonald’s with my partner after work. What a mess!

‘After waiting 10min just to order on a digital screen we had to wait an additional 35minutes to receive our food!!! Not only that, but our order had been placed on the counter, the whole time!!! The manager was running around placing orders on the counter without even addressing customers of their order number.

‘Our order had been there for over 20min & was freezing cold, missing a drink, sauces, straws and more. People had been peering over our food during that time trying to find their own, and completely put us off.

‘The staff were completely unapologetic & didn’t even stop to give us the rest of what they had missed. ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING! Would not recommend, definitely going to a different McDonald’s from now onwards.’

However, some reviewers have left more positive comments, with 20 of the eatery’s write-ups boasting five stars, and nine four stars – though these reviews date further back.

One happy diner wrote: ‘No complaints. Had good service, was quick, staff were polite and helpful, food was fine. Couldn’t ask for more.’

Earlier visitors to the eatery shared a different perspective, revealing that they had enjoyed a more positive experience

Another agreed, adding: ‘Food and customer service was good, “Drew” (That is what he said his name is) was incredibly helpful with changing my order.’

And a further reviewer added: ‘I’ve had the best meal here its the greatest, better than trimasaran chippy which is also rated a 1 star.’ 

A McDonald’s spokesperson told FEMAIL: ‘We are proud to serve around four million customers a day in over 1,450 restaurants across the UK & Ireland. 

‘Our restaurant teams work hard to ensure every customer who orders a McDonald’s has a positive experience, and we’re disappointed to hear of any instances that fall short of our high standards. 

‘We encourage any customer with a complaint to either speak to a member of the crew in the restaurant or get in touch with our customer services team.’


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