Fearless Prince Louis is less wary than young Prince William was – claim

Prince Louis is the youngest of Kate, Princess of Wales, and Prince William’s three children, and yet he has become renowned for his youthful charm.

Despite making the least public appearances out of his siblings, Louis has managed to capture the attention of audiences with his facial expressions and interactions every time.

Most recently, the young royal caught the eye of the public for his sweet gestures while exploring the Royal International Air Tattoo in Fairford.

Caught waving at photographers and marching ahead of his parents and siblings, Prince Louis showed “a new side” to his character, according to a royal body language expert.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Judi James observed the differences between Louis and his father, Prince William, when he was the very same age.

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She claimed that the young prince’s confidence may come from his family roots, in which military culture is engrained.

Judi said: “Flying is in Louis’ DNA, so it’s no surprise that he should show such an interest now. His great-grandfather flew with Prince Philip and his grandparents on his mother’s side both worked for British Airways, while both Charles and William are trained pilots.

“Louis’ body language suggests early signs of both interest in flying plus the kind of confidence and even seriousness that should mean he would make a good pilot.

“He can be playful at some royal events, keeping the fans entertained at the Jubilee and during balcony appearances, but his appearance at the recent RAF event showed a very different side of the youngest child of William and Kate.”

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The expert continued that while Louis has shown signs of “confidence and curiosity for a couple of years”, his most recent outing showed him leading his family with “a challenging stare”. He continued this while addressing the cameras too, something the five-year-old often does when seen in public.

Judi observed: “We can even see William’s hand raised to try to keep his small son safe as he marched down the incline from the plane but Louis strode out as though he’d done it a hundred times before, looking totally comfortable with the cameras, too.

“The young prince shares the trait of interest in flying with his dad but, unlike William when he was the same age, he shows no hints of shyness or reservation when it comes to appearing in public.

“William could be equally playful as his youngest son at his age but in terms of personality and wariness he would be much closer to George.”

The body language expert acknowledged that while the “first child syndrome” is a stereotype, it seems to hold water in the case of Prince William and George, while Louis fits the third child stereotype “to a T”.

She explained: “While William aged five would wave to the fans and the press, his body language suggested it was after some prompting from his parents and he would always look most comfortable when holding his mother’s hand or held in his father’s arms.

“Louis is far more independent though, seeming to have already grown out of hand-holding or being carried and keen to be the leader of the family group, often walking off by himself or being passed down a whole line of family members that he readily communicated with as he did at the platinum jubilee celebrations.”

Of course, Louis’ place in a larger family unit, with two siblings rather than just one may influence his demeanour.

Judi claimed that while William was closest to the two adults in his life, Louis is at ease with the “parental” protection of four people in his life.

She concluded: “The five-year-old seems totally happy to command attention during public events and also happy and uninhibited when it comes to engaging with the photographers.

“William grew up watching his father’s distaste for the press and his mother’s complex love/hate relationship with them that turned to hounding, while Louis is growing up watching Kate’s rather healthier relationship with the press that entails more of a sense of control than Diana ever enjoyed.”

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