Get shopping! 12-year-old millionaire sends mum eye watering list of demands

Pixie, 12, sent her PR guru mum, Roxy Jacenko, a long list of luxury gifts and demanded her to “get shopping.”

The Australian tween, who is currently on a trip to Los Angeles, didn’t hold back in expressing her desires. Pixie’s demands, shared by her mother online, have left many astonished as she called her mum a “dumb a**” for not knowing the brand of a healing balm.

The blunt messages from Pixie to her mother included a detailed list of several items she wanted.

She even added: “I’m still looking so give me a sec.” The requests ranged from Glossier mascara to an Aviator Nation tracksuit, showing her taste for high-end fashion.

However, it was her choice of words that truly raised eyebrows. Pixie didn’t hesitate to call her mum names like “dumb a**” and “stupido” when Roxy was unsure about the brand of a specific lip balm.

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Roxy, taking it all in stride, responded with humour, saying: “Maybe it’s your excellent spelling. I’ll make it happen. As usual.” But Pixie wasn’t finished there. When her mum replied to a photo of her sunbathing by the pool, Pixie simply told her: “No time for resting. Get shopping for my stuff, thanks.”

Roxy, once again, embraced the banter and replied: “Omg I love you. You are 100% my child. Don’t worry I’m not resting. I’m working, just on my back.” Pixie, ever determined, added: “No no, get the shopping grind on love.”

This incident comes after Pixie recently announced that she was “taking a step back” from her business after a lavish shopping spree in Paris.

Roxy had set up a business called ‘Pixie’s Bows’ for her daughter when she was born, ensuring her financial security. Amid the pandemic, Pixie embarked on a new venture in 2021, launching fidget spinners with the help of her mum. The spinners sold out within 48 hours, reportedly earning £105,000 in their first month of business.

Pixie’s extravagant lifestyle, including flying on private jets and sharing her lavish trips on Instagram, has garnered attention and sparked curiosity.

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