Golden retriever and baby are inseparable best pals

This is Bonnie the golden retriever and her baby best friend Daisy, one.

Ever since mum Sophie Stokes, 27, was pregnant, Bonnie was protective over the bump.

Sophie, from Doncaster, said her three-year-old dog would rest her head on her belly, and when Daisy was born, their bond was instantly strong.

Sophie, who owns Bon Bons Baby & Toddler Wear said: ‘Bonnie was so protective around me when I was pregnant, sleeping and resting her head on the bump, they’ve been best friends since day one!

‘She was so young while I was pregnant so of course, she was still bouncing and bounding around, but she started to realise she needed to be more careful around me.

‘From there she was constantly sleeping on the bump or just resting her head on it.

‘It was like her nature had just changed, and she knew she needed to be gentle.’

Even though Bonnie picked up on Sophie’s needs, the mum was still understandably nervous about introducing the dog to the baby.

But in the end, she had nothing to worry about.

‘Their first interaction was so cute,’ she recalled. ‘I did have reservations with how she’d be at first, so for the first night, I decided it would be better to keep them apart.

‘At the time when we first brought Daisy home, Bonnie still slept in my bedroom and obviously then, Daisy did too, so I think it helped their relationship blossom.

‘Once they met, Daisy knew instantly, and she was so soft with her – now they’re inseparable! I think every time I turn around, they’re cuddled up together.

‘Daisy loves to sit on her back and ride her like a horse and Bonnie really doesn’t mind whatsoever – it’s quite a sight to see.

‘I love being able to take them out together and Bonnie is always looking over at her. Their favourite route is around Langold Lake in Worksop.

‘Around Daisy, Bonnie is a different dog.’

Their bond is such that Bonnie even has a calming effect on the baby.

‘I remember when Daisy was really little,’ said Sophie, ‘and she’d cry, but as soon as Bonnie lay next to her, she’d stop.

‘All our family have dogs, so Daisy is used to being around them. I think having Bonnie will make her an animal lover and I can see her having her own pet one day.

‘They have such a special bond and it’s so cute, best friends since day one and best friends forever. All the family love seeing them around each other too.

‘It really is beautiful to see, and I completely trust Bonnie’s nature. I’d advise anyone to make sure the breed is right for you, but retrievers are definitely family dogs.

‘Of course, it was a big change for Bonnie because she’s used to being number one, but I know my dog and I know she’d never, ever harm Daisy.’

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