Heartbreaking moment homeless boy bursts into tears

Heartwarming video shows homeless eight-year-old boy bursting into tears of joy after learning his family finally has a house – complete with her very own bedroom

  • Little Evin Ellis’s dad had emergency heart surgery that left him unable to work
  • To make ends meet his mom, Mallory, worked two jobs to support her family
  • The family were forced to move into a friend’s spare bedroom and garage 

A mother has filmed the heart-warming moment her eight-year-old son burst into tears when he found out his family had a new home to live in.

Mallory A Ellis, from Mount Dora, Florida, husband Darrell and their two children had been ‘houseless’ for months before they signed a new lease earlier this year.

In her now-viral video, which had more than 4.7 million views at the time of writing, Mallory can be heard telling her sons who are standing in a front yard: ‘This is our house.’

Her two confused children both respond: ‘What?’

A clearly shocked eight-year-old Evin, from Florida, has became a viral sensation after his heart-warming reaction to his family finally getting a new home

‘We signed the lease today. We move in on April 10. This is our house,’ Mallory explained.

The news is so overwhelming that Mallory’s youngest son, Evin, puts his hands over his mouth in shock before he starts crying with happiness.

As he jumps up and down, overlaid text appears reading, ‘Lots of big feelings,’ and his older brother goes in for a hug.

The camera then cuts to Mallory asking her son: ‘Are you happy?’

Still in tears, the little boy runs up for a hug, with the mom adding, ‘My heart,’ in more overlaid text.

‘It’s our house, we have a house,’ Mallory told her family as she swiveled the camera around to show a white-washed, one-story home.

She then turns back to her family embracing each other on the lawn. 

‘Are you overwhelmed?’ the mother asked Evin, adding: ‘You get your own bedroom.’

The little boy’s family has been facing financial difficulties since his dad ended up in hospital for an emergency ‘quadruple-bypass open-heart surgery’ that left him unable to work

He ran towards his mom to give her a big hug after learning the news and is embraced by his dad as he continues to cry

The past year has been difficult for Mallory and her family after husband Darrell underwent an emergency ‘quadruple-bypass open-heart surgery,’ leaving him unable to work for six months. 

To keep food on the table and a roof over their heads, Mallory said she had to work two jobs.

During the day, she was a paraprofessional educator in a special needs classroom, and she was an Uber Eats driver at night.

The family were forced to break their lease, and moved into a spare bedroom and garage of a close family friend to avoid being evicted.

‘After 45 days living there and multiple denials for home applications, we were then forced to pack up again and live in a hotel,’ Mallory told Storyful.

Mallory gave a quick snippet of their new home. In a later video, she also thanked people for their generosity when it came to housewarming gifts

Months after that, Mallory and her family finally had a stroke of luck in April and were able to sign a lease for their new home. 

In a later TikTok video, Mallory described the reaction to the clip as ‘unreal’ and thanked people for their generosity.

‘The love that we have received… there are just no words….,’ she said.

‘The amount of people offering to send us things, our wish list has been inundated….

‘I’m just so overwhelmed with the amount of generosity and love that we’re receiving. Like this is insane, you guys are incredible.

‘Say what you want about the internet, but people are good… thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.’

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