Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Wednesday, June 29

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You’re in need of something stimulating and exciting. Routine matters hold no interest to you. You don’t have to wait for opportunities to come to you. If you can’t find anything of interest in your usual environs, make an effort to make things happen yourself.


There’s a hint of excitement in the air. You get a strong feeling something interesting is about to happen. Even though you wouldn’t normally rely on instinct alone, you could be surprised by how accurate your intuition turns out to be.


Someone is taking a fresh approach to plans that have already been discussed for new beginnings. This makes it more likely that this project will go ahead. You have never been keen on the idea and stress levels might seem to overwhelm you before the project has even begun. Devise strategies to remain calm.


Someone you’ve recently met is expecting to play a bigger part in your life. You’re reluctant to share too much about yourself with them. If there’s something about someone that makes you feel they cannot be trusted, trust your instincts. Discussions later in the day will add to your knowledge.


If you’re thinking about making a new career move, there is no better time than the present to set such plans into action. A relative who offers to do you a favour later in the day will not let you down. It’s good to know there are people in your life you can always rely on.


It won’t be possible to show enthusiasm for activities happening around you when you need emotional rest and recovery. You need to get your strength back before returning to your dreams, goals and aims. Taking some time away from it all will allow you to rest, relax and refocus.


Joining forces on a creative project with a friend who is fond of colourful and chaotic design might not be a good idea. Once they talk you through their plans for the future you will realise that you both have very different tastes and preferences.


Money is tight. If you need new tools or a piece of equipment for a job you are working on, it might make more sense to borrow than to spend cash on something you will never use again. If you have a choice you will prefer to remain behind the scenes rather than be in the middle of a large crowd.


A friend or neighbour will confide in you even though you never invited them to. You may not share their outlook on certain matters but everyone has a right to their own opinion and if all they want is a listening ear you don’t mind lending yours.


Your age or status will not matter when any attempt to increase your knowledge or experience through study and travel will bring much fulfilment. This could be the start of an extremely rewarding journey. Put your ideas to work no matter what other people might say.


If you want to discuss something important with someone leave it for another time. Conversations will not be as harmonious as you would like them to be when opinions differ. Even a friend who generally agrees with you will seem to be thinking differently now.


You don’t have to continually jump to someone else’s demands the moment they suggest an idea or ask you to do something for them. You are never going to get the chance to work on your own ideas if you allow them to take up so much of your time.

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