How To Buy a Proper Glasses: 101 Guide

Modern fashion exploits glasses with might and main, using them as an independent accessory. The variety of frames allows you to add any touch to the image – from playful cat eyes and romantic shades to extravagant designer models that amaze with the variability of shapes and prints. Do not forget about the classics – neat frames that complement the business image.

However, what about those who do not need vision correction? In this case, stylists suggest using fashion glasses, that is, frames with lenses without diopters, also known as “zero” glasses.

They have no optical power, therefore, they are harmless to sight. Moreover, “zero” glasses can protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation and artificial blue radiation. For this, the lenses are equipped with the necessary filters.

Also, fashion glasses will help cover or correct small external imperfections. They can be used for example:

  • For masking wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes;
  • For visual correction of the shape of the face or close-set eyes.

What To Wear With “Zero” Glasses

Aviators. Their undoubted plus is that this model is unisex. Look organically in a casual, smart casual style. So, paired with a leather motorcycle jacket, you get a daring sexy look, and if you wear them with a long vintage dress – a bohemian look. Also, you should try aviators with a sleek hairstyle or a high ponytail.

Cat’s eye. Business style, beach version, light translucent summer clothes, casual. The exception, perhaps, is sport style. They add chic, exclusively highlighting the line of the eyebrows and cheekbones.

T-shades. Need to choose fashion glasses for an original look? Lennon glasses are the best option. Moreover, they look equally stylish regardless of the thickness of the frame and its shape.

Wayfarers. Following the chosen frame, the image varies from masculine strict classics to “bad boy”, and girls will create a hippie-style or create a sophisticated look (Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”).

How To Choose Fashion Glasses According To The Shape Of Your Face

Each of us is very critical of our appearance and knows our shortcomings: wide cheekbones, too round or elongated face. Or you are afraid to ruin your makeup due to bad weather and rainfall. Image glasses are the solution to any of these troubles.

The easiest way is if you have an oval face shape – almost any fashion model will automatically suit you. Cat-eye is the most advantageous.

The main rule for owners of a round face is no rounded models! Straight lines, dark rims.

And the opposite is true for girls with a square face shape – drop-shaped, rounded. Aviators, colored frames, models with a thin bridge on the nose.

Rectangular face shape. Angular fashion models can be visually shortened. Round, oval, and teardrop fashion glasses are ideal for heart-shaped faces.

All these types and much more you can buy on our website. If you have some difficulties with buying sunglasses – contact us. Our managers gladly provide all necessary info about the products and will help you to choose the perfect one.