Kathy Hilton Accused of Threatening to 'Destroy Kyle and Her Family' In RHOBH 'Meltdown'

"She's saying things like, I'm gonna take down NBC, Bravo, I will take down this show single handedly, I will f—ing ruin you all."

Kathy Hilton unleashed on her sister Kyle Richards and fellow costars on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” … at least according to the other women in the cast.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the show’s trip to Aspen, after rumors started to leak out about something explosive happening with Kathy while there. Last week, the drama was finally teased, as Erika Jayne and Lisa Rinna’s texts to each other were shown on screen  — claiming Hilton had a “melt down” at a club.

Unfortunately, Bravo cameras weren’t allowed into the private space and, apparently, weren’t recording when Kathy and Rinna left the club early to retreat back to Kyle’s home. So, all we have to go on are the accounts of all the women involved.

“My head is definitely in a fog after what happened last night. We were at the club and Kathy was having an absolute meltdown. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” Rinna said at the top of the new hour in a confessional. “I am not saying a whole lot because I am in shock from what I experienced. It’s not something I would have ever imagined coming from anyone in this group, let alone Kathy Hilton.”

It’s clear something was off, as Kathy wouldn’t come out of her bedroom and didn’t join the other women on the same plane back to Los Angeles.

“Kathy’s not on the plane with us today because she had a breakdown at the nightclub we were all at, that we saw,” said Erika in her own confessional, before Sutton Stracke claimed Hilton “kept asking everybody to do the Conga Line and I don’t think anyone wanted to do it.” She added, “and the next thing I know, she’s in my face saying she wanted to go home and if you don’t go home with me, you’re not my friend.”

While Crystal Kung-Minkoff claimed to only see some “commotion,” Diana Jenkins said she saw Kathy “screaming, raging at the girls … mostly Kyle.” Richards, meanwhile, simply said Kathy “was saying she was pissed off and I had to leave the club right now,” but had no idea what sparked the outburst. When Kyle refused to leave, Kathy and Rinna took off instead.

“We get in the sprinter van and Kathy starts screaming about everything and she’s saying things like, ‘I’m gonna take down NBC, Bravo, I will take down this show single-handledly, I will f—ing ruin you all,'” Rinna claimed in a confessional. “We get back to Kyle’s house and it’s just the two of us and it gets worse. She takes her glasses off, throws them on the ground, jumping up and down, breaking her glasses, pounding on the walls, screaming she ‘Made Kyle,’ Kathy’s responsible for Kyle and she said, ‘I will destroy Kyle and her family if it’s the last thing I’ll ever do.'”

Lisa pushed back on that last bit — saying Kyle “is way more famous and way more successful” Kathy’s ever been and theorizing that Hilton was “still holding onto anger” over some of her previous disagreements with her sister. She then cited past bad blood over Mauricio leaving Rick Hilton’s company to start his own agency and Kyle using their mother as inspiration for her TV show “American Woman.” There’s also the whole tequila of it all, which went unmentioned this episode.

Added Rinna: “I think it’s been very hard for Kathy to have it all and for her sister to have more.”

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Unfortunately for viewers, Kyle couldn’t stick around to hash things out with Kathy just yet, as she had to hop to Georgia to finish filming “Halloween Ends.” She, however, was happy to get out of talking about Aspen — joking, “Thank god I will be chased by Michael Myers instead.” In a confessional, she added, “I really honestly believed we would never go to a bad place again and I don’t know how I can fix this.”

That’s all we got out of Richards this week.

Erika, however, was happy to keep the Kathy talk going — feeling that if the women were going to call out for her outbursts, they better do the same for Hilton. “I’m getting tired of being the whipping boy when there are others that display not the best behavior,” she said to Dorit Kemsley during an excursion to a chocolatier before Crystal’s birthday party.

Surprisingly, Kathy showed up to said bash and acted like nothing ever happened — something which really rubbed Rinna the wrong way.

“It is excruciatingly difficult to sit and watch Kathy pretend that nothing happened and it’s starting to build in me and I’m super uncomfortable,” she confessed. “And if these women knew exactly what Kathy said about them, they wouldn’t be real happy a bout it. It’s so f—ed up on every level, it’s f—ed up.”

Lisa then ducked out of the party early, telling Crystal she was “still really upset” about Kathy’s outburst and simply couldn’t “sit here any longer.” In a confessional, she added, “I am really trying, but I feel like I have seen the devil and her name is Kathy Hilton.”

Hilton herself finally spoke up in her own accusation, seemingly playing down whatever did or didn’t happen in Aspen.

“I know Lisa’s gone though a lot losing her mom and if she has to leave early, that’s her business,” said Kathy. “I don’t feel that she left because of what I shared with her in Aspen. She was a sweetheart, she listened and I by no means got any indication that she was upset. But if I was the toe that broke the camel’s back, I apologize. I don’t want to upset anybody.”

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After Rinna’s exit, Erika and Diana talked about Kathy’s alleged “meltdown” again — with Erika saying everyone in the cast “saw her yelling in Kyle’s face.”

“Lisa Rinna should really tell what happened when she took her in the sprinter on the way home,” Jayne continued. “I’ve said some ugly things myself, the problem I have here is everyone’s very quick the condemn my behavior … but if we’re gonna talk about Erika’s behavior, are we gonna talk about everybody in this group?”

Diana, meanwhile, said the Kathy she was at the club is not the Kathy she’s known in the past. “Kathy was f—ing raging. I don’t even know who that person was,” she said, before Erika said all Hilton had to do was admit what she did, “apologize and move on.”

Of course, the chances of that happening on this show are slim to none — as the ladies aren’t always quick to apologize or, if they do, the apologies don’t always lead to everyone actually moving on.

The episode ended there but a preview for next week saw Rinna appearing to tell the other women about what Kathy may have said after leaving the club. “I saw what I saw, I heard what I heard and I will never f—ing forget it,” she says, adding that her comments were about “all of us” and not just Kyle.

Kyle is also seen crying as she and Kathy have their own sit-down with Rinna, who tells Hilton, “You’ve gotta figure out, why you have a black heart. I’m sorry Kathy, you’re not gonna get away with it.”

RHOBH airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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