I won £30million lottery jackpot but nearly missed out on huge win – don’t make the same mistake I did | The Sun

A WOMAN who scooped a £30million lottery jackpot has told how she almost missed out on her huge win, warning others to not make the same mistake.

The 45-year-old, who chose to remain anonymous, bagged the whopping windfall on June 9 – but didn't realise for several weeks.

She had purchased a ticket for the Lotto Bayern, Germany’s state-run lottery, using her seven lucky numbers.

The mum-of-one somehow chose the correct digits for the £30million draw, despite the odds of that being one in 139,838,160.

But after the draw, officials became concerned when the lucky punter didn't come forward to claim their mammoth prize.

As weeks went by, the oblivious 40-year-old went about her daily life without realising she had a fortune tucked away in her purse.

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After sifting through her belongings while digging out some cash to put her numbers on again, the mum from Lower Franconia found her crumpled ticket.

It was only then she realised she had scooped the big win – which according to Lotto Bayern, is the second-highest amount it's ever paid out in its 75-year history.

She made a £30million return on her £1 ticket – and had no idea she had been carrying it around for multiple weeks.

The red-faced winner said: "I still get dizzy at the thought that I carelessly carried almost 33 million euros around in my purse for several weeks."

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But she has been left over the moon with her unexpected cash flow – and vowed she wouldn't buy another ticket.

The anonymous mum said the jackpot was "more than enough for my husband, my daughter, and me."

She now intends to use her good fortune to live a healthy life and do more for the environment.

The triumphant ticket holder explained: "By this, I mean healthy eating, more time for exercise in the fresh air and responsible treatment of our environment.

"We are also very much looking forward to soon being able to build our own energy-saving and resource-saving house with a natural garden."

And the humble winner hasn't let the money go to her head, as she tenderly told how she wishes other players have "as much luck as [she] had".

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