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WE all have awkward questions about our health we’d like the experts to answer for us.

And if you’ve ever wondered why your genitals are darker than the rest of your skin, we’ve got the answer from a doctor.

The vulva, penis and anus can be a different shade to the skin around it. 

Dr Stephanie Ooi of MyHealthcare Clinic said it’s perfectly normal for genitals to be “slightly darker in colour to skin elsewhere in the body”.

She told The Sun: “It’s all down to hyperpigmentation caused by the production of hormones such as testosterone and oestrogen, and can begin during puberty or pregnancy or develop as we get older.

“These have an effect on melanocytes in the skin cells, and this process forms melanin, which is a substance in the body that produces hair, skin and eye pigmentation.”

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Many changes occur to the skin over age – wrinkling and sagging are just the most obvious.

But you may look down one day and realise your privates have darkened (among other changes).

Dr Stephanie said: “Some people may be more susceptible to this process, such as people with fair skin whose darkening of the skin will be more obvious than someone who is naturally darker.

“Other factors can also trigger the melanin production process, such as friction caused by inflammation. 

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“This can be through childbirth, wearing tight underwear, hair removal or through sex.

“Darkening of the genitals is quite common through age as our bodies have experienced more of these inflammatory events over the years.”

There are some ways to prevent the skin from darkening, if it bothers you.

Dr Stephanie said: “If you want to minimise the chances of your genitals becoming darker over the years, you could consider wearing loose-fitting underwear and avoid hair removal in the genital area.”

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She added that it is “totally common and natural”. 

But “if it has happened suddenly then you might want to ask your doctor for their opinion”.

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