15 Best Face Serums 2022 | The Sun UK | The Sun

It can feel like there are hundreds of products you're being told to put on your skin, but there's nothing that can make such a difference as finding the best face serum for you.

Whether that's vitamin c to brighten, retinol or retinoid to smooth, salicylic acid to tackle acne and exfoliate or hyaluronic acid for plump, hydrated skin there's a goldilocks serum (or two, or three) for everyone.

Before anything else, you need to understand what it is your skin needs. Is it very dry? You'll likely need to use something with hyaluronic acid in it. Very oily and find yourself breaking out? Reach for a chemical exfoliant.

It's crucial to remember to always, always wear SPF because serums that include vitamin c, retinols and other acids sensitise the skin meaning it becomes more susceptible to the sun's UV rays.

We've rounded up our favourites of the best face serums to help you find one that works for you.

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