‘I’ve spent over £85,000 on botched boob jobs – but I still want to go bigger’

A porn star has opened up about her obsession with enhancing her look, which has resulted in her getting 10 boob jobs since turning 18.

Misha Montana is a porn star and OnlyFans model, and has even featured in Xtreme Pro Wrestling after becoming fascinated with the adult industry during her youth.

But the adult actress’s career was brought to a halt last year when she suffered a stroke after waking up to find that her face and arm had gone numb.

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Misha has now admitted she gets regular visits from the doctor for cosmetic surgery – and is not wanting to stop any time soon.

“They’re not. I’ve had ten boob jobs,” she admitted on the No Jumper podcast. “I got an infection when I was 18 because I did the cheap, quick botch job.

“I had them done when I was 18 and I had really good boobs before; I just wanted them bigger, I had great boobs.”

Misha described how the first surgery had taken place in a doctors’ surgery, where she had paid $3000 (roughly £2500), a cheap sum that left her fearing the worst.

“Anything under five or six [thousand], ideally 10, you know you’re probably not going to get something legitimate,” she explained.

“I’ve spent over $100,000 (about £85,000) in the last 10 years on getting them in and out, I keep having to do it.”

Despite these traumatic experiences, Misha admitted that she hadn’t been put off from considering further updates in the future.

She said: “I like them now, but again I’m at that point where I want to go bigger again. But I have to tell myself, ‘we’ve already been down this road too many times’.

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“I’ve had to have three different reconstructions, they actually did a liposuction transfer on my knees because I didn’t have any fat anywhere. That didn’t work out and that was the most painful, awful experience ever.

“I’m just exhausted from getting boobs every year and then having to fix them six months later.”

But, despite her obsession with her upper half, Misha stressed that she wasn’t interested in other types of popular surgery.

“The thing that I don’t understand is the BBLs, you’ll never catch me getting a BBL,” she said. “I’m comfortable with not having a gigantic, fake ass.”


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