Jeremy Strong’s ‘Succession’ Method Acting Was So Intense That He’d Practice Asking Strangers Where the Bathroom Was

Jeremy Strong’s method acting style has been well–documented, and one story about his time working on “Succession” is an amusing glimpse into just how far he takes the process.

On the May 24 episode of the podcast “Las Culturistas,” co-host Bowen Yang, who is also part of the cast of “Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens,” told a story about Strong while filming near the “Succession” set, which he said supported “the idea that Jeremy Strong has a sense of play and irony.”

“The most recent season of ‘Nora From Queens’ shot at the same studio as this season of ‘Succession,’” he said. “The ‘Nora From Queens’ production office was pretty close to the ‘Succession’ stages and their production office, and as we famously know, Jeremy Strong is a method actor. At one point, Jeremy walks into the ‘Nora From Queens’ production office and says, ‘Excuse me, do you know where the bathroom is?’ and then someone in the office is like, ‘Yeah, it’s just down the hall to the left.’ He goes, ‘Thank you so much’ and he leaves.

“So Jeremy leaves,” Yang continued. “Ten minutes pass, and a [production assistant] from ‘Succession’ comes into the office and goes, ‘Hi, was Jeremy just in here?’ and they were like, ‘Yeah he was — he went to the bathroom’ and then this PA goes, ‘Did he ask where it was? Did he come here to ask you where the bathroom was?’ They were like, ‘Yeah, why?’ and the PA says, ‘He has a scene today where he has to ask someone where the bathroom is.’ I think that is method to such a ridiculous degree that he must be in on the joke.”

The series finale of “Succession” airs on May 28.

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