Man gets hair transplant after losing all confidence

Clayton is a racing driver who lost all confidence at work, especially in front of the cameras, due to his hair loss. One day he took off his helmet after a race and was shocked at what he saw. “About four years ago, I really started to notice my receding hairline and being a professional racing driver, my confidence was impacted when I took off my helmet so that people could take photographs,” he explained.

Clayton decided to visit a doctor, Dr Mark Tam, who advised him to get a follicular unit extraction, which is a hair transplant technique.

The treatment consists of removing individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp using a small punch tool and then transplanting them to the bald or thinning areas of the scalp.

The procedure does not involve removing a strip of scalp like in traditional hair transplants and leaves no linear scar.

Dr Mark Tam explained: “The transplanted hair follicles when performed carefully and correctly will continue to grow naturally in their new location.”

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Clayton was “delighted” with his doctor and the results. He told “Dr Mark Tam took the time to get to know me first.

“He wanted to understand what I hoped to achieve, which I thought was very important.

“The transplant process itself seemed very straightforward and Dr Tam kept checking in with me to ensure that the hairline he was designing was right for me.

“The hair was extracted first using the punch tool and then transplanted – all whilst I was watching a film so I was very relaxed and felt no pain.”

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After 14 days, the first hair follicles started to come through and Clayton admitted that “it was a bit disconcerting when they then proceeded to fall out”.

Dr Tam explained, however, that this was a natural process called shedding and “as he predicted, they began to grow in properly a few months later”.

“It took about a year to finally achieve the result I’d been hoping for and it has massively increased my confidence, particularly on the trackside and on the podium,” the racing driver said.

Clayton documented his journey on social media and commented that he is now a patient with “renewed confidence” who is “delighted with the results” of his surgery.

“Choosing who you have a hair transplant with is a very personal choice, it is dependent on the look and type of care you want, I couldn’t be happier that I chose Dr Tam!” he added.

He also shared pictures of the results nine months into his hair transplant and explained that he even shaved his head, which is something “that I would have never done in the past 15 years due to my hair loss”.

“I am delighted with the progress of both the transplant and the huge reduction in hair loss when I shower, which has pretty much completely stopped.”

Health site WebMD shared seven ways men can make their hair look thicker at home:

  1. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Go for “volumising” or “thickening” products.
  2. Style smart. Look for mousses and gels geared toward building volume.
  3. Find a great barber or stylist who can help with tips and tricks.
  4. Switch your part. If you’ve always worn your hair parted on the left, try shifting it to the right or centre.
  5. Consider coloring. The right shade can make the contrast between your hair and scalp less obvious.
  6. Fill up with fibre. If you have mild to moderate hair loss, fibre hair cosmetics can be a quick fix for adding volume.
  7. Add on. Hair weaves, extensions, pieces, wigs, and toupees will give you the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

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