Suppressed emotions and desires will test the 12 zodiacs today

While mercury is in retrograde, the moon continues to move through the 12 zodiacs as part of its 27-day cycle. Throughout this time, different star signs reign influence until it becomes void. When the Moon is “void of course”, there are no lunar aspects – which can translate to a feeling of lacking momentum in everyday life.

The void Moon will occur today, Monday, April 24 from 8:16 AM EDT (1:16pm BST).

It will remain void until it starts a new aspect at 2:59pm EDT (7:59pm BST) and enters the star sign Cancer.

As the ruling planet of emotions, this astrological event is renowned for sparking feelings of emptiness and low momentum.

And coupled with the effects of the Mercury retrograde, the 12 zodiacs will have to ward off negative sentiments today.

According to an expert at Cafe Astrology, envy, jealousy and possessiveness may enter the picture today if we “let fear drive our behaviour”.

This is a result of the void of course Moon, and the alignment of love’s reigning plant, Venus, with Pluto – the rule of transformation.

The astrologer said: “Tendencies to look for something wrong in a relationship. Jealousy raises its ugly head.”

Struggles in relationships are not the only thing that threatens the zodiac signs today. This can translate into other aspects of life.

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The astrologer said: “Mercury and Mars just formed a sextile, and Venus comes right between these bodies, forming semi-sextiles to both today.

“We could struggle with whether to take a direct or indirect approach to get what we want.

“However, we may be better off recognising that it doesn’t have to be one way or the other–a combination would be ideal, or else the see-sawing can be confusing to all.

“It may be all too easy to say things we don’t mean or feel. Still, we’re making an effort to understand one another.”

Venus’s alignment with Pluto today will point to underlying tensions in social interactions and platonic relationships.

While things may not come to a head today, jealousy and possessiveness may be brewing under the surface of things. This may feel sudden and unexpected, though this is likely a direct result of a subconscious fear of losing something or someone.

The astrologer added: “Manipulation can colour relationships, or financial tensions emerge. Still, it can also be a time to recognise our suppressed needs and desires.

“Getting into a healthier relationship with these buried needs can help. The Sun and the North Node align today, encouraging and perhaps challenging us to grow, improve, and aspire to our goals. The desire for more security and stability can be a strong motivator now.”

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