‘Men tell us to change our bodies with extreme surgery – it could kill us’

A racy model says she's done getting plastic surgery – and advised men not to pressure her and others to change their bodies.

The British content creator, known as Paris Milan, had a “horrific” bum procedure and is unwilling to take further risks.

Writing to her 25,000 Twitter followers, she said: “I love surgery and I have had a lot but recently I’ve seen many of my friends go wrong from reputable surgeons and models dying.

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“My last butt implant procedure was horrific. I am not having anymore surgery. Don’t ever push girls into it either.”

According to the NHS, a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), which involves injecting fat from other areas of the body into butt cheeks, has the highest death rate of all cosmetic procedures. .

It is also 10 times more risky than other surgeries.

After Paris made her post, one fan replied to say he was hoping she would make her curves bigger.

Far from impressed, she wrote: “If I go bigger it would be because I want to not for your entertainment.”

Paris then clarified her surgery fears had escalated after the recent death of Kim Kardashian lookalike Christina Ashten Gourkani.

The OnlyFans star tragically died after suffering a cardiac arrest hours after plastic surgery.

Paris described her as “sweet and kind” and said she would like to go under the knife again but believes it was not worth the gamble.

She added: “Love huge t**s and if I hadn’t seen so many surgeries go wrong I would have gotten bigger but pushing girls into it is wrong because he or anybody else wouldn’t give a f*** [if] something went wrong in the process.”

Responding to Paris, another OnlyFans model called Pariz Zianna, said: “I also don’t want to do any surgery anymore as I’ve seen so much lately gone wrong.”

Other online creators have also acknowledged how some male fans have pressured them to go plastic.

McKenzie Bleu

Babestation model McKenzie Bleu, 21, has not had any plastic surgery done but is considering a boob job.

Some of her kinky callers have tried to persuade her to go for it since she joined the channel three years ago.

McKenzie, real name Ellie, told us: “Some can pressure you and make you change your thoughts on surgery. This is coming from my experience because I have always had small perky boobs.

“I would say 50% of my fans absolutely love the small perkiness but the other 50% are always saying how I should get a boob job and in my head I now want to get my boobs done by the end of the year.”


Her mum Levi, real name Jema, also works at Babestation and she has had the same pressures as her daughter.

She is an advocate for plastic surgery and has had two boob jobs, a nose job as well as fillers and Botox.

But she did warn that procedures were not a “magic cure” to insecurities.

And as for blokes who demand more surgeries, she said: “I have lots of fans who love big boobs and ask if I would go bigger.

"I’m a double JJ, the greedy beggars! How much bigger do they want me to go?”

Laughing, she added: “I will probably get my boobs reduced when I'm older but for the time being they earn me a lot of money.”

Daisy and Dolly Simpson

Twins Daisy and Dolly Simpson have spent a combined £140,000 on plastic surgery in a bid to look as identical as possible.

However, some of their subscribers on OnlyFans still tell them their bodies aren't perfect enough.

Opening up on Daily Star’s My Colourful Life, Daisy, 26, told us: “Our subscribers often compare us and that makes us feel like we are not good enough and that we need more surgery to make more money and to become the better model.

“We have actually had arguments before to do with OnlyFans and our subscribers because a subscriber might prefer her look over mine and that will upset me.

She added: “They see her more as the bimbo and they are more likely to give her money and that will upset me sometimes but I feel like we don’t really take it to heart too much but sometimes we do have arguments over that.”

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