Carlee Russell Shouldn't Derail Missing People of Color Cases, Org. Says

Carlee Russell‘s “disappearance,” which cops can’t confirm actually happened, could have a negative impact on people of color who really do vanish … but one organization wants to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Natalie Wilson, co-founder of Black & Missing Foundation, tells TMZ … the details police provided this week about Carlee’s alleged disappearance were certainly disappointing to hear, but shouldn’t set a precedent for similar cases.

She says her org has been working hard the past 15 years, lending a hand to families whose loved ones’ cases don’t make headlines — and Natalie doesn’t want Carlee’s example to knock down all that progress.

Natalie feels something good did come out of the Carlee story, though … telling us the country really came together to bring awareness to her case, and hopes that same energy can be put into finding others.

As we reported, police said they found searches for Amber Alerts, taking money from a register and the movie “Taken” on Carlee’s phone — and those were all in the days and hours before she went off the grid last week.

Plus, they added there’s no evidence to support her claim of seeing a child get abducted.

All that being said, Natalie’s org has helped bring people home and add closure for more than 400 families — and she says those without a voice need help now, more than ever.

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