Natasha Bure Insists Her Mom Candace Cameron Bure Does Not Help Her Land Roles

"It's honestly quite literally the opposite"

Natasha Bure wants you to know that she is not a product of nepotism.

Although she may be the daughter of “Full House” star Candace Cameron Bure, Natasha insists it’s a misconception that she’s found success in Hollywood because of her mother’s famous connections.

During an appearance on the TODAY show, the 23-year-old actress addressed trolls who claim she’s booked roles through nepotism.

“A lot of people will kind of assume that if I get any job or work at all that it’s from her. Or it’s given to me or it’s handed to me, and it’s honestly quite literally the opposite,” she stated.

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“I work hard for everything that I do, and I’m out here like everyone else just grinding and trying to follow my dreams and make them come true,” Natasha continued. “So I think that’s one misconception that’s a little bit frustrating to see.”

Like any working actor, Bure said that finding jobs has been “a struggle” for her.

“I am honestly just like every other person out there, and I’m just trying to stay on the grind and do my best and continue to keep all the acting chops constantly at work,” she said. “It’s difficult for sure. I grind, but I’m grateful for any opportunity that I get and I’m just trying to work my hardest to get to where I want to be.”

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Natasha’s first on-screen role was in 2011 on a TV series titled “Make It or Break It,” since then she’s appeared in various film and television projects like “Home Sweet Home” and “Faith, Hope & Love.”

In an interview with People Magazine, the actress detailed her experiences growing up with famous parents and reiterated the same misconception “that everything is handed to you, or that you don’t have to work for what you get.”

“I personally feel like I have been experiencing that from when I was super little,” she continued. “Whether it would be if I would get casted in a school play or something, I had people and friends that would say, ‘Oh, it’s just because her mom got her the role,’ or things like that.”

In fact, at the time Natasha shared that she’s been “so far removed” from her parents, that “they wish that they were more involved, which is actually something we joke about all the time.”

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