Tesco shop assistant turned model now earns £40k a month from saucy webcam job

A former Tesco shop assistant has revealed she's now earning £40,000 a month after setting up her own cam girl agency.

Latiesha Jones turned to the world of webcam at the age of 19 while studying for her criminology degree at University of Salford.

The now 21-year-old was also a shop assistant at Tesco while making an "easy" £300-an-hour from her saucy webcam antics.

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Now after setting up her own agency, Latiesha, from Manchester, feels empowered by her job where she talks to a variety of blokes.

She said: "It was so empowering, and I loved that I could make so much from just an hour or so of speaking to someone.

"People just like to talk about their lives and it's a variety of people – from businessmen to family guys.

"Sometime they'll ask you to flash your boobs but you do what you're comfortable with."

In August 2021, she decided to give the agency a shot and set up Latiesha's live with 15 women on board.

She started her job as a carer in October 2021, working 75 hours a week, earning £1,200 a month.

But she continued her webcam work with her agency in her spare time.

Then just last November, Latiesha took the plunge to quit her job and take the agency full time.

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She said: "It was on a bit of a whim, but I wanted to put my time into that.

"It was up and down for a while because you could be making loads one day and have a quiet one the next.

"But now we're doing really well and have had one of our best months yet."

The women only do content they're comfortable with and Latiesha claimed her clients just want a chat sometimes.

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Fortunately for Latiesha, most of her family and friends are supportive of her career choice.

She continued: "My nan loves it and she's always keen to find out more and know how the girls are doing.

"My twin sister and friends are so supportive too.

"Dating wise it doesn't affect me but I do look for older guys that are open to me doing my own thing."

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Latiesha is now able to work on her own time rather than being restricted to a 9-5 lifestyle.

She admitted: "I will never go back to that. I can have a lie in or pick up some camgirling in the afternoon if I want.

"But I'm always there for the girls on my phone if they need me.

"It could be 4am but I'm there for them. It's a supportive community and I genuinely care about them."

Having grown her business from 15 cam girls, she now supports just under 100 women with their profiles and workload.

Latiesha, who takes a 10% cut from her employees, concluded: "I love the freedom of it.

"Now I work when I want to but I'm always there on my phone for the girls.

"I love giving them the advice and support they need to feel empowered as camgirls too."

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