Video: Man Who Spent $15K on Realistic Collie Costume Greets Other Dogs, Strangers on Walk

"I wanted to be an animal and I became a collie," the mystery man captioned this video — which he noted was certainly "unusual."

A Tokyo man who spent $15,000 on a realistic collie costume has taken his furry suit out into the wild, confusing other canines and pedestrians in the process.

Known only as Toco and running a YouTube page titled “I want to be an animal,” the mystery man has been sharing videos for about a year now showing him test out his outrageous costume.

This past week, he posted a new video showing him not only taking the getup outside, but interacting with other humans and their pooch companions while doing it.

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“My name is Toco, I wanted to be an animal and I became a collie. This channel will bring you such an unusual video,” he correctly captioned the video.

He went on to explain that the footage was filmed in 2022 as part of a feature he did with German TV station RTL. Only some of the video made air and he was later granted permission to post behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot to his own page.

“So I am releasing them to the public! On the day of the interview, they were very kind to me. Thank you very much,” he added.

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He previously told MailOnline that he wanted to be an animal and had a “desire to transform” since he was a child.

“I thought a big animal close to my size would be good considering that it would be a realistic model, so I decided to make it a dog,” he explained, noting that collies are his favorite breed. He also noted that when he wears it, he has to be careful about his movements or else “it will not look like a dog.”

While he’s posted a bunch of videos in his fur-lined get up, he’s continued to hide his true identity  — telling the outlet he does not want his “hobbies to be known” to his coworkers.

“They think it’s weird that I want to be a dog,” he said. “For the same reason why I can’t show my real face.”

The costume was made by Japanese company Zeppet, a special effects studio which typically works with movies, commercials and amusement facilities.

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