Waitress who got £165 tips by wearing black onesie says you should do the same

A waitress has claimed that she pockets £165 in tips every time she wears an all-black jumpsuit at work.

Bona, 21, who works in Texas, US, said she has found the "best" hack that helped her earn more tips.

She explained in a video: "For all of you girls who work at restaurants where you have to wear all black, I have the best thing for you.

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"Go buy this jumpsuit and you don't have to keep finding two black sets to match and it looks cute."

But the outfit achieved more than just "looking cute", as it proved a hit with her customers.

One customer left her a $200 (£166) tip on a meal that was originally billed at $15 (£12).

Another receipt showed her getting a tip of $230 (£191) – bringing the total bill to $300.31 (£249).

The black overall hugs her body so Bona can flaunt her hourglass curves without showing too much skin.

"Well I guess I'm only wearing these from now on," she added.

Some viewers got distracted by her sultry figure, with one saying: "I’m gonna go ahead and guess they’re see-through in certain lighting."

Another said: "Don't ask me what colour was the jumpsuit."

"Yes, please can every waitress do this life hack?" a third agreed.

But others who work at restaurants said their eateries have much stricter dress codes.

One mentioned they were not allowed to wear leggings over a long shirt.

A second wrote: "Yeah it would be an immediate no from my manager."

"All I know is the few restaurants I've worked at, Red Lobster, followed by two local fine dining places, would send you home for that," a person warned.

Others felt insecure and uncomfortable wearing jumpsuits as they argued that they'res not for every body shape.


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