Woman raffles five nights of love to fund £3.4k breast reduction operation

A woman wants to raise money for a breast reduction and she'll offer five "nights of love" to one lucky winner.

Sabrinna Cabral, 25, from north-eastern Brazil, took to Instagram to announce the raffle with entries costing £17 a-piece.

She wants to hold a draw and announce the winner when the value of the pot has reached £3,400.

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The goal of the raffle was the raise funds to pay for a breast reduction operation she's wanted for ages.

Since she's grown tired of waiting, Sabrinna wants to get the operation done privately.

She claimed the raffle was a joke at first but then eventually warmed up to the idea.

Sabrinna said: "I'm on the waiting list and so far nothing, and this surgery is very expensive.

"I'm out of work, my dad can't afford to pay for a surgery like this, I decided to hold this raffle as a joke."

The procedure costs anywhere between £2,200 (BRL 13,000) and £4,200 (BRL 25,000) locally.

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She boasts 16,500 fans on Instagram, but it's not clear how many began following her after she announced the prize draw.

At the time of writing, it is believed she has since raised £200 (BRL 1,200) for her breast reduction operation.

It comes after an ex-WAG revealed how having big boobs has been mind-numbingly painful.

Phoebe Burgess confessed to her fans that she secretly had the op back 2020 which has since changed her life.

Prior to the surgery, the mum said she spent "decades of flattening, pushing down, hiding and resenting" her breasts.

Eventually, she had to learn to "love and appreciate" her breasts as they helped to support her.

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