Alan Carrs Epic Gameshow viewers fume at iconic quiz reboot Ruined it!

Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow: Mo Farah wins £20,000

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Alan Carr was back with his Epic Gameshow this weekend as the comedian presented a reboot of much-loved darts show Bullseye. However, ITV viewers weren’t impressed with the remake as contestants answered questions and played darts for a chance to win big prizes. 

@TVQuizWorld tweeted: “Generally I really love #EpicGameshow, but they really should have left #Bullseye alone. I don’t enjoy what they’ve done to the format and Alan Carr, who I normally enjoy, is not the right host.”

“@EpicGameshow I was looking forward to this return but because you do one episode of everything, everybody wins all the time! So boring, no jeopardy  (oh and you’ve ruined Bullseye),” @steelcitymum1 added.

@Brekkietweets remarked: “Thought #Bullseye was the format least suited to #EpicGameshow during it’s first series.  And during it’s second.  And now during the third.

“It just doesn’t suit Alan and doesn’t suit an hour of primetime on Saturday nights.”

@ImpartialEyes quipped: “There was nothing epic about the #EpicGameShow it is only the original that was smashing, super, great #Bullseye.”

“#EpicGameShow What is the point in recreating a classic if you then change the format?” @Kurt24122254 questioned. 

@liamjmellor80 wrote: “What’s that rumbling noise I can hear? Oh, it’s just Jim Bowen turning in his grave. #EpicGameShow.”

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