American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe overhauls Danielle Colby’s ‘old house’

American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe shows off guest house refurb

American Pickers stars Danielle Colby and Mike Wolfe have kept History viewers hooked for a staggering 24 seasons now thanks to their handiwork and close bond. However, it isn’t just on-screen where the two have been entertaining fans, as Mike sparked excitement by sharing a peek inside a project of his own on social media.

Mike revealed he’s completely refurbishing his new Two Lanes guest house situated a stone’s throw from the Mississippi River.

The American Pickers star took fans on a video tour of the work he was having done on the property over the weekend, including “custom-made steel doors”, both “exterior and interior”.

And Mike explained he’d brought in a close pal to help “replace” a lot of the interior doors inside the property.

Mike then teased his pal Bobby as he entered the property, telling fans he wouldn’t interrupt him because “he doesn’t get back at it real fast”.

Mike then demonstrated the opening and closing features of one of the already-installed steel doors, warning the person behind the camera to “get back”.

Clearly impressed with the feature, Mike beamed with joy as he opened the door back on himself.

He then invited the camera into the kitchen, complete with a kitchen island and pointing out the aforementioned door provides a perfect opportunity to peer out over the Mississippi River.

As the camera entered the kitchen, Mike admitted the work was far from done as he said: “Don’t look at this light, we’re going to be replacing this light.”

“A big island for gathering,” Mike explained. “You’re going to be able to cook in here, you’re going to be able to drink in here, you’re going to be able to do yoga in here.

“I mean, you’ll be able to do just about anything in here,” he went on.

Mike ended the video by turning to the camera and telling fans things were “getting crazy” with the amount of work he and the team had to do in order to create his new vision of the guest house.

And while a number of fans were quick to compliment the renovations, American Pickers star Danielle took the time to also praise her former abode.

Danielle commented on the video’s post: “My old house,” followed by a series of love heart emojis.

And Mike was quick to compliment his co-star as he replied: “Yea Ma lots of beautiful energy in it because of you.”

Danielle wasn’t the only one to remark on the work being done to her former residence either, as several fans praised the new look.

Instagram user @kerryrovan commented: “Nice door man! Love that steel door! What a great place that will be once it is finished. Wonderful! Happy Easter 2023!”

While @randomelicstn added to the praise: “Beautiful house and view!!”

Elsewhere, @skyamaureen remarked: “Looks nice so far. Love door and kitchen.”

And @moonshinebotwax echoed: “Looks fabulous!! Just gorgeous! I love LeClaire – really great river town!”

American Pickers airs on History in the USA.

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